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Vaca Day 1: Flying and Situating


(For the vaca posts I am going to be a little unconventional in regards to my posts.... I've been SO excited to get this down on paper b4 everything starts to run together. You may or may not know that in addition to this being a site to aid other moms, especially those of multiples, in gaining a first hand "gentle parenting" perspective of how I manage my twincesses, it is also for my girls. So that when they are older they can look back on all the things I went through to be the best mom I could be for them... and so they can always have a place to see pictures of all the memories I will forever hold in my heart! So, rather than narrate the events, my post is something for THEM.... so that even though they "won't remember" this trip, they will always have it's story :D)  

Sweet Baby Girls,

These past few days have been more amazing and enjoyable (yes, even with all the tired screaming) than any other in my whole long life! Every now and then I catch myself checking myself like "Yup P, you're a mommy now!" I have ALWAYS wanted to be a mommy, but I never once in my wildest dreams EVER imagined I would be SO lucky to have the two most precious baby angels choose me to do so. This trip reminds me everyday of these feelings.  You guys have been SO fussy over the past 2 week due to teething, getting over the flu, and all the hecticness that came along with getting ready for this big trip AND your grain ceremony all within the same week! (not to mention mommy had to revamp her whole wardrobe... thanks for the hips and boobies girls! Always wanted em :) ) I have LOVED being able to spend the whole day with you guys and not have to worry about rushing you off to nap time because I had clothes to fold, dishes to wash, dogs to tend to, etc. It's been SO PERFECT! (even though I still find myself constantly tidying up this dang hotel room! lol... with all the toys, bottles, and what not).  I was SUPER nervous the whole time (and even more excited) while packing and preparing for this trip, thinking "how am I going to handle TWO in the sand, beach, and pool!?!?!" But I must be the luckiest girl around because you guys are truly awesome! Yes, OMG you WRECK my nerves like a 10 car pile up sometimes when you are so tired you fuss, but with deep breathes and just looking into your eyes I find my strength again to keep it going.

On tues when we flew in, you guys BLEW MY MIND with your beyond amazing behavior! Not a peep besides the most adorable little giggles and your latest chit chat noises that just melt my heart every time! You guys did not sleep monday and I could not get much packing done. (I tried to get it done over the weekend, but thats a WHOLE nother story!)  I think you guys ALWAYS know when mommy is going frantic with a to-do list in her head and twin shenanigan me to prevent me from doing anything. (I need to get better about that and promise to make a conscious effort to do so!) We didnt leave our house to go to granma's until 10 pm! (and I totally called that too!) My goal was 7 pm lol, thanks ladies! :p I LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing you guys and I am so grateful that you allow me to do and ENJOY being all snuggled up to me! Yes, my hands are free and I can do things that need to get done, but I chose to wear from the beginning (b4 I met you) so that I could be close to you all! And once I saw ALL the benefits of wearing, aside from being able to "carry" you around all day with me... how could I NOT? (I just hope that we don't ever find a reason to break the bond it has formed between us!)   I would love to do nothing more than snuggle up with you guys 24/7 :)

I know that the first day what we were here was crazy hectic, but I want you guys to know how good you were with taking in the new scenery and weather! I LOVE how much you observe and your curiosity! One day (sooner than I'd like to think about) it will come in SO handy and I can't wait to see what role this plays in shaping you into the fine young ladies I know you will become :) After we got our rental car (an SUV! what a change!), we went to the mart to buy some snack food and h20 etc. As we checked out, me and daddy wished we would have gotten another one of their AMAZING fresh breads, but it was too late and totally fine with us to only have one. The nicest people I have come across in a while came out behind us like "hey you said you wanted more bread right? here you go, I bought you another loaf!" OMG! Thanks! I have to remember to pay it forward soon! (and tote you guys around more often for free stuff! :p JK JK I kid... I kid...!) After that we came to check in at the hotel. Let me tell you, they gave us a double bed room after we specifically booked a king.  Momma fixed that real fast! (Wanted room to be able to snuggle both my girlies in bed listening to the live ocean waves (unlike the sound machine back home lol)

After we got situated in our new room, we took you guys down to the beach for your very first time! It was after 6 so we didnt get to stay very long, but we just wanted you guys to see it up close and touch the sand for the first time! We went to eat at the VIP lounge afterwards. You guys sure do draw a lot of attention! :) After a few snacks we walked down to this great place called Latin Star to get some dinner. We carried you in our arms (and mommy immediately remembered why she wears! lol...that poor arm of mine!) You guys had SO much fun looking at the HUGE fish in their tank while we waited! I LOVE that you get to experience all these things so young! It's a nice change from being cooped up in the house all the time. (Plus you guys were too teeny tiny to go out in the warm weather when you were born! so I'm glad you get to see that it's not always cold outside!) The disaster was keeping you out so late and up all day! OMG I was ready to jump off the balcony (we are on the 5th floor by the way) bc you both were SO tired that you wouldn't go to sleep. You were keeping yourselves up by fussing! I IMMEDIATELY took back my "no rules on vacation" statement I made on the plane! lol

I CANNOT wait to see what the rest of this trip has in store for us! I'm SO nervous! NO swings, jumpers, or any other "secret weapons", but I have a feeling we will be just fine! I'm sad that daddy will be working so much but am REALLY looking forward to being able to have this extra special time to share with you guys! (people call me supermom a lot, but i think that will really get put to the test this week lol :D) as long as you are happy, I am more happy than you will ever know!

Love you with all my heart! And may the fun now begin......

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