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Adventures In Traveling With Twins


WOW! just wow! so much to say about our first traveling experience as parents as well as just the chaos in general! First off, in case you aren't from GA just know this, GA is in a "state of emergency" with kids and teachers STILL stuck in schools (yes, thats right over 24 hours in the schools due to the bad weather!) That front came in (as predicted) at around 10-10:30 am Tues 1/28.... Our flight took off at 10 am that day! (So let's just say, we'd prob be stuck at the airport if our flight had been at, oh say 11 am).... Now, why they decided to have work and school like a "normal day" KNOWING the weather was coming is another discussion I would rather not start (we have more important things to talk about!) SOOOOO, for the fun stuff! Let's start from the beginning!

PACKING: the best way I found to pack the girls up (who took a WHOLE large suitcase, a big ole diaper bag, and then a few things in my pumping bag and a book bag. (whew girls! for being so dang tiny you guys sure do need a lot of crap!)  So... what I did for their clothes was roll them and put them into the bags. For matching and "coordinating" outfits I made sure I made two bags and put the clothes in the same order. (see pix below!) I figured this would be easier than opening a bag and having a million and ten (well what would feel and look like that many) onesies and outfits all messed up and attacking me. This worked SO perfect! EVERYTHING went into ziplock bags! (clothes, socks, shoes, bottles, nipples, swimsuits, bibs, washcloths, EVERYTHING! in their own respective bags.) I packed 5 diapers a day PER girl (plus swimmie diapers....) and 1 pm diaper (plus 5 extra) per night. I know we could have bought them from here, but we order them from AMAZON so didn't make sense to spend WAY more $ on something we get for cheaper AND have an abundance of at home! (plus this makes room in the bags for stuff to bring back :) )

Their suitcase! (full to the freaking top! but SOOOOO organized!)IMG_0994 IMG_0995 The outfits that match... ready to grab and go! No muss, no fuss! IMG_0996

AIRPORT ADVENTURES: I wore both the girls (front/back tandem) through the airport so that daddy could be free to be in charge of the luggage (lucky him eh? lol). We had a grand total of  2 larger suitcases and 2 carseats that we checked. THEN we had a rolling carry-on sized suit case, the umbrella stroller, the diaper bag, my pump bag, book bag, AND big umbrella (for our walks).  Let's just say, we handled it like PRO's! Daddy wore the book bag and pushed the stroller that had the diaper bag and umbrella in it. The pump bag hung around the handles of the stroller and I rolled the suitcase! After we got our bags I pushed the stroller with one hand and pulled the suitcase with the other. Daddy attached the carseats to the large suitcases and pulled those. *pat on the back for both of us!* Wearing also made them SO calm! I have to admit that using a carrier (mei tei) for my back was MUCH easier than wrapping (i have the MT bc I knew it was going to be too hot to wrap both of them up to me over in PR; I just use the wrap for the front.. slid through the straps... YES I will make a video soon!)  Oh yeah, did I mention that Nadi threw up in my hair TWICE at the start of the whole thing! Thanks honey bunny! Mommy loves you too! (she is on my back)

**PLEASE NOTE: threading a wrap through ANY straps OTHER THAN A WOVEN WRAP is a NO NO NO!!! The straps can rip if the carrier is not specifically made to reinforce the weight of your front baby... we all started somewhere! please visit our BABYWEARING SECTION for more info on how to do this PROPERLY! ;)


Free snuggles with MiMi! :)IMG_6558



AIRPLANE ADVENTURES: So I made sure to have EVERY trick in the book ready for them in the diaper bag for the plane ride! I had toys, some small books, more toys, coloring book, and then your usual diapers, wipes, etc. They didnt need ANYTHING! They only fussed for the first few minutes on the plane when we boarded bc they had last eaten about 4 hours prior and were hungry! Didn't cry during take off or landing! They... ahem WE ALL slept most of the time! I have to say, I FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER nursed in public with NO COVER!!! (of course my shirt covered everything and the lug of a diaper bag obstructed the view but still!) GO ME! I have yet to overcome that fear lol bc i can't do it again :/ We gave them a little tylenol before take off but skipped it during landing. Apparently these girls are pro flyers! lol

IMG_6559 IMG_6561 IMG_6562Of course everyone is asleep except mommy! (I made it there too shortly after! nice 30 min nap!) IMG_6564 Chunk testing out her new sunglasses... ready for the beach! IMG_6566

Some pointers for traveling with babies in general (especially 2!), most importantly be confident! I feel like if I would have been nervous that would have made me frazzled and in turn made the girls antsy no matter what (you know they can sense you mood!) gather what you feel you will need to take and make a stack of it next to the suit case, then once you have all that together, pack the suitcase and ask yourself, "Do I REALLY need this? When will I use it and what for?" I left behind SO MUCH CRAP that I thought I was going to need. Make sure you and your significant other/travel buddy are ready to work as a team. #takesateamtoraiseateam. I had a plan for how to lug all our carry on items through the airport, hubby initially resisted and wanted to do it his way....... gave my idea a shot and never looked back :) (guess he didnt realize how much i "practiced" at home lololololol) DRESS Comfortable!! If you are going to babywear, make sure you wear some kind of shoe that you can slide off... last thing you want is to have to unlace your tennis shoes with 28 lbs of baby on u! They didn't make me take the girls off for security test, they just swab tested my wrist (and i was SO thankful for that!)  If you are taking breastmilk with you, make sure you pack it to where it is easily accessible bc they will take it out and check it! I didnt take anything frozen, but if you do just pack it with TONS of ice/ice packs and ONLY open it when going through security to ensure it stays as frozen as possible. As long as it is not COMPLETELY thawed out it should be fine to refreeze!

I'm sure I will have more tips mixed in with our posts about our trip! Thanks for tuning in and hope this info came/comes in handy for you when you plan your next big trip with kiddos! :) now OFF TO THE BEACH!!!!!

IMG_6569 IMG_6573 IMG_6571oh, in case you are wondering why i am on the phone in this pic.. I know I look like a bad mom, but check this mess out. My pump had been acting finicky a while back so i rented a hospital grade while trying to sort the mess out. The one they sent to replace my broken one didnt work. SO, I kept using the rented one. WELL.... I tried my old one sunday to test it out... and it worked fine! So, why on mon pm did it go out on me again??? SO point of my story, I'm on the phone with Medela! And they cant send my pump to PR until the day b4 i leave!!!! ughhhh....