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Pardon the Dust....


Sorry, I have not been posting as frequently this week as I normally do. Between getting ready for our trip next week and making the girls dresses for their grain ceremony Sunday, and trying to take care of the usually daily grind.... it's been a headache. And thanks to being sick and having that great time that makes me a woman (once a month), my supply has dropped yet again SOOOO.... ya..... I just wanted to let you guys know that I have started a YouTube channel ( obviously lol) if you are interested in babywearing videos! I am also working on cleaning up the site a little bit and making it a little more easy to navigate! If you go to the menu you will now notice the different categories of each page has its own "section" versus you having to scroll through WAY too much stuff to get to what you are looking for. Please bare with me as I get it all taken care of! (I have a feeling our trip will give me some time to get more of this accomplished!) This week, my priority is to fill that channel up with some videos! Thanks for tuning in and I'll be back soon enough! (and with TONS of info on my experiences traveling with twins! THAT my friends is going to be super exciting and I CANT WAIT to report back!)