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Sunday Funday!


Today was a fun and lazy, yet productive day today! We LOVED having Paarth Mama (mama=maternal uncle in our Indian culture) over for the afternoon! Mommy got some grown up interaction time and company during the football game! (ughhhh Carolina..... way to loose! lol) We woke up at our normal time, but it being Sunday, we decided to play in bed.  I got a few toys and took turns nursing the girls. (I chose sleep over pumping last night, so I was super full..... bad choice on my part, but a tired mommy makes for no good either way so....)  The girls were getting antsy around 10:30 (and I was not feeling so great.... female troubles :/) so we went down for an early nap. (I went back to sleep too! Felt great to get a few more hours in! I didn't really have any chores to do and was saving my appetite for when my brother came!) After we all woke up at 12:30 and played an ate. We just got a new play mat and I am in the play time AND given the girls more room to play and scoot around. We are officially crawling! (Got those little butts in the air and are moving all over the mat!) (I will be posting all of the links for products that we use in the mommy questions section as well, for easier access and future references!)

We played (and I took turns nursing the girls again) until about 2:30-2:45.  Since they took their first nap a little earlier I was ok with putting them down about 30-45 min earlier too.  They slept great! (And until 5:30!!!) I enjoyed getting to relax, watch the game, and hang out with my bro for a little while with free hands! (I also pumped around 3:30-4).  After they woke, I fed them F. I didn't pump enough to feed em both AND i kind of wanted to see how much they were needing to take in to be full.  (and they are still at 3 oz... took em an hour to get it all down).  They jumped, Bumbo-ed, rolled and scotted around AND even got to chat with daddy, granma/granpa and masi, AND Abuela and Tia and Leyla!!! I put a pizza in the oven at 7:40 (had 22 minutes to get them in bed) and managed to get it all done with 2 minutes left on my timer! I gave one a bottle while I got the other changed, lotioned, and ready for bed. Then repeated. :)

Don't have much else to report today! It was a pretty low key day. Yesterday was the same.... just laid back and smooth.  I am really looking forward to kicking the week off and getting back to MY structured day..... (I have to rearrange the nursery, put the swings in there since there is no room in their playroom now... plus I like the idea of transitioning them to getting used to sleeping in the nursery and only playing in that room.... get the weekends laundry and dishes done.)  I'm finishing off my pizza and am off to bed myself! I can't wait to post tomorrow! I am hoping to have some info on BLW since we have officially set the twincesses "grain ceremony" for the 26th!!!!!! It's really time for me to get myself ready to feed them solids! I am SO excited!

Hope your weekends were great and happy monday tomorrow! Time to own the week! :)

(my phone is acting funky, so I will post pictures tomorrow :)