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Grinding: Day 2


What can I say? Besides today was AWESOME!!!! The girls are doing impressively well getting back into the swing of things and adapting to a longer play time! Mommy is doing SUPER GREAT not slacking on chores and is even finding time to get some sweating incorporated into the day! :) After CRASHING right b4 8 pm last night, the girls did not wake until 3 am! (mommy went to bed at 11 and was more than happy to have to wake at 3 am... vs 1 or 2 lol) Now, since I am emptying out more during the day while trying to get my supply built up, I was only able to pump about 3 1/2 oz at 10 (vs my usual 6-7) so I bottle fed one baby and sleep nursed the other one. (even though they woke at the same time, this worked perfectly because I was full when they woke and did not feel like pumping, or making formula!)  They did not wake up again until 8:30!!!! Man was I one happy momma! (now if only the view outside of my window would not have been cold and rainy, it would have been a perfect am!) First order of business (after nursing N... M woke up full because she had all night access to milk lol) was a cup of coffee!!!! The girls jumped while I unloaded the dishwasher and made myself the usual bagel with egg sandwich... We did bath time at 10:30 and were off to nap at 11:15 (they could not even keep their eyes open to say good morning to daddy!) The dogs decided that I don't do enough around here and welcomed me to the basement with a wonder smell of surprises! (Let's just say the morning involved gloves, a BIG cardboard box, lots of bending and scooping, followed by ajax and lysol.... YUCKKKK) I managed to squeeze in a shower after getting a load of laundry started as well. (didn't have to do bottles this am bc there were only 2 from last night and my pump parts.... don't forget they soak in "hot" soapy water.... i refill it in the am with more hot water lol) Too bad I was so hyped up that I forgot to be quiet enough to not wake the girls (Their swings are still in our rooms. We put them in there NYE bc we were entertaining a few guests that evening and then left them there when the girls got sick; I think im feeling ambitious enough to put them back in their cribs tomorrow evening. Maybe even unswaddled? we'll see.....) They woke at 1 ( I was shooting for 2!) but they did great.... we played for just a short bit before nursing (to kind of keep the eating schedule as close to "normal" as possible). They nursed around 2 and that lasted about 30 minutes. I have to keep them very engaged otherwise they tend to doze off and they are not happy campers if you wake them lol. After we ate, we did story time til about 2:45 and then some tummy time (I find it best for us to do this b4 we go for a nap so I don't have to worry about any spit up messes from undigested yummies.) Mommy did some crunches and squats and arm exercises and some plank holding during this time. (I'm still playing around with it, and I know I talked about it a while back, but I'm trying to find some good work out moves that incorporate baby! They seem to love going up and down in the air while I do some  standing "bench presses"... more to come on this in the near future! I also went back to being strict on wearing my belly bands. I am determined to drop these last few baby inches! I love my jammies, but I'd love being able to finish unpacking my side of the closet! poor skinny clothes are just sitting there in a clear bag staring at me oh so sadly....)

We made it to our goal of 3:30 naptime, and I immediately sat down to pump (the girls were a little fussy after nursing so I did not want to risk being anchored down to my pump and needing to tend to them). I ate my lunch, let the dogs out, and wrapped up my laundry (aka put the clothes in the dryer and finished folding the leftovers from last night).  After doing some hunting for my pilates dvd (that was still packed up.... somewhere in a box...)

I think doing a few workouts off the dvd (which focuses on the core) while the girls jump is a great idea! I can kill 2 birds with one stone... well 3 if you really think about it. I get to spend time with the girls (because I still verbally engage with them... they are right next to/in front of me) , I get to get my workout on, AND I am setting a great example and planting that seed early that fitness is important. Now, don't get me wrong. I am in no way, shape, or form emphasizing ANYTHING about size (because I'm sure someone out there will misconstrue my intentions).... We all know staying active is important for your health, and exposing them to exercise is my way of helping SHOW them that early on... I want my girls to WANT to go out and run around and skip and jump and ride bikes..... I don't want to have to force them or try to bribe them... I LOVE IT when I see kids playing outside! Sad thing is that now a days it is SO rare, when I see it my reaction makes me feel almost the same as if I would have just found out I picked the winning lottery numbers.

ANYWHO (steps off soap box lol).... after they woke at 5:30 and nursed, we did our playtime in the jumpers (while mommy did some standing core work and squats... cant wait for granma to bring me my yoga mat from her house tomorrow!!! I've really missed that thing!) We nursed again about an hour after they got done nursing (this will be my guideline for cluster feeding... an hour from the last time they stopped.. for now at least to get my supply up!).  They got fussy again right after 7, when it was time to sponge and get ready for bed time.  The one thing that makes me feel better about nursing them throughout the day, and makes me worry less about supply, is that they are not even finishing their before nap snacks, and are barely finishing their 2 oz bottles at bedtime (where as before they were drinking 3-4 oz of F at bed time previously!) I can't wait til my pumping sessions catch back up to where they were at before I nursed as much as I do now.... All I need is about 2 more oz a session to replace the F I have been having to use b4 naps and bed. After the girls went to bed, I was at a COMPLETE loss about what to do next.... The laundry was done (well, the clothes were drying and the next load was in the washer and ready to go for tomorrow!), the dishes were loaded in the washer, the house was pretty much clean, and well... the kids asleep.... Empty and quiet house! It was almost lonely knowing that no one was going to wake in a few hours to play with me...... :(

Alas, the end of another day as come.  I LOVE the solo time with the girls and being able to do things to my liking with no distractions... Of course I LOVE being able to have friends and family help, but its hard work getting the girls on a schedule, and its important (to me at least) to keep it that way... this house won't clean itself and sometimes mommy needs a timeout between play times.! I find that most everyone (who isn't mom) won't ever fully grasp the importance of this (nor how hard it is to establish AND MAINTAIN!) simply because it is not THEIR daily life! (I only draw this conclusion from discussion with other moms of multiples... I read all about different experiences moms have, and it's hard to read about the ones that have the kind of days that make them want to rip their hair out!.... please be sure to see "MOMMY QUESTIONS" for more info on HOW i began and enforced the routine from day 1! I swear it's not as bad as it probably sounds in your head!) But, back to my story....  its actually after bedtime that gets to be the hardest part of the day! It's ideally my me time... A cocktail goes perfect with feet propped up on the coffee table with a movie or a good book even..... One of the toughest battles of being a mom (especially when you breast feed) is the mixed feelings others can have over that of the "end of the day cocktail." Ideally, I'd love for that to be a glass of red wine... (red wine is the only thing that is ok for you to drink when pregnant... and that goes DIRECTLY to baby, so when less than 2% of its contents go to baby and with it's health benefits... I chose red wine ;) ) It is hard work running the household everyday, ESPECIALLY by yourself! (my hats go off to single twin mommies!) I have had a full time teaching job, a part time waitressing job, AND was enrolled in school full time ALL AT THE SAME TIME, and I don't think I used 1/2 of the energy I did back then (of course I had about 7 less years under my belt lol).   Point is, you should do what is relaxing for YOU! Reward yourselves at the end of the day mommies! Otherwise you will become a big wound up ball of resent for everything you do because, while it is rewarding within itself to raise children and take care of the house, if you don't take care of your needs, no one will be happy in the end!

A GREAT link for my breast feeding mommies who are unsure of alcohol consumption while breast feeding..... it's a great read and I actually learned a good bit from it!

Kelly mom has some additional info:

Til next time...... :)