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Back to the Grind.....


Now that everyone is back to feeling almost 100% (still gotta shake that cough and extra "goodies" lingering inside us), we went back to our "regularly scheduled program."  Last night I just COULD NOT SLEEP, and surprisingly I was more ready to "seize the day" after falling asleep at 3:30 am, waking at 4 to do a feeding, and then getting to sleep and cuddle with the girls until 9:15.  Since mommy got real lax (and spoiled) having extra help and people around for about the past 3 weeks, I was deathly afraid the schedule would kick my butt, but alas we have made it through the day and I have to admit is was the best day we've had in quite some time! (sorry daddy and grandma/grandpa and PriyaMasi! :/) Since it was almost like starting with a clean slate (that had a shadowed outline) I am working on adjusting their routines to accommodate their newly developed (and developing) skills.  One big thing for me that will make it all possible is finally finishing their playroom.  It is a sad day for me because they have officially outgrown the nursery :( We have one (M) who is just rolling and scooting like she is late for an appointment (or a date...... lol, maybe that's why she gets so upset when she gets stopped and put back where she started) and N just wants to jump, jump, jump.  It is getting to be more of a task to take them up the the nursery, down the jumpers, back to the nursery, etc. than it is to actually play with them. SOOOOO fingers crossed that SATURDAY we get a little present at the door to help make mommies dream come true :) One dream that has come true for me is that the girls are pretty much refusing the formula now!!!! LOVE! but it puts the pressure on me to produce enough for them! I had recently been toying with the idea of going to exclusively pumping, but especially after learning about how crucial the actual act of feeding is for the contents of the breast milk (see previous post for more info), I have decided I need a new lactation plan IMMEDIATELY! So, as with the schedule I have just picked a way to go and will adjust it accordingly. I have started back my supplements of fenugreek and mother love pills in full swing. (remember I had stopped for a short while to allow my body to "rid" the tolerance, and since I have just been taking them once with my prenatal) Also, back to stashing water cups around the house at the start of the day again. (the playroom will be right next to the kitchen.... ya we sacrificed our formal dining room for them, but we have an eat in kitchen so it was well worth the cause.... so it will be perfect access to water and I will have NO excuses!)  I have decided to stick with pumping before bed so that I have bottles of EBM to feed the girls (upon daddy's request because he wants to help with night time feedings too and this mommy is NOT complaining about that at all!) I dont really want to have to wake in the middle of the night to pump again (I usually pump around 10 pm) so I have to figure out what to do there. I don't mind sleep nursing, but its when they BOTH wake at the same time that makes life tricky) One key thing to remember about breast milk (as well as formula) is that once babies drink from the bottle, their saliva mixes with the milk. This causes bad bacteria to grow and slowly contaminate the milk. I believe after an hour of initial feeding, you will want to throw the milk out! Now that can make quite the cause for concern, because I'm sure no one wants to throw out their own gold! To ensure we do not waste, I have been pumping and filling 2- 2 oz bottles (and the rest one of the original bottles I pumped in) That way I can refill after the 2 oz are gone. (I usually fill in increments of 1/2-1 oz depending on the time of day and who I am feeding.) One plus side to having two babies to feed is that if one doesn't want the rest, most of the time the other will be glad to finish it for her!

So back to my new plan lol.... Nurse in the am when they wake... pump after (not sure when this "After" will occur... a detail that will work itself out as the time passes); nurse after their nap, pump after. Today I was able to immediately pump after nursing! (keep reading... I will tell you how). I tried this yesterday and it was a complete fail and disaster! (N had pooped her pants and M followed suit about 3 minutes later.... and they were both hungry... ya, lets not try to pump while we feed bottles mommy!) Nurse again after their last nap time... and until my 10pm pump, I myself am in the dark.  I want to go back to cluster feeding before bedtime so I think for a while I may just nurse them individually off and on (killing 2 birds with 1 stone bc this will also help increase my supply for this time of day). Today after they nursed after they woke form their last nap, we played and nursed again (about an hour later, for about 20 minutes).  Then they were so fussy we had to do some formula, but believe me when I say, it will be all breast soon enough! I'm just trying to remind myself that this will go in babysteps and that I have to stay dedicated to my plan! I of course am wrapping up my 10 pm pump now... :)

So, the part that you have all been waiting for, I'm sure :) *drumroll* the newly improved routine! Since today we slept in a little later than the normal 7:30-8, it was a little harder to shape it from "waking time," but we jumped head first into it as soon as we were up and at 'em! Since M had been the lucky one to get to sleep and eat all am, I nursed N while M played in the bed with her favorite toy.  We got to have an am Skype date with Grandpa (which he loves because there is no one "ahem grandma" behind him trying to hog the camera lololololol), and then we went straight to our jumpers! The girls got to jump while mommy fixed herself a quick breakfast (back to my normal eggs and yogurt breakfast!) We then had our bath time and got dressed for the day. I make some snack bottles and it was off to nap! Now, my goal nap time is 11:30 (versus our usual 10-10:15), but today we made it in the swings at exactly 12 noon (and they were knocked out exactly 2 minutes later lol).  One thing I have been inquiring about with other mommies is how to get them to sleep "Better" at night without changing too much of their day. I have noticed that when we take them for outings they tend to sleep better at night (and have typically missed a naptime while we are away) I by no means want to take a nap time away, so now you know why I am so adamant about tweaking the existing routine.  My goal is for them to continue with the solid 2-2 1/2 hour nap time they have been doing but just for THIS nap time ONLY.  So, ideally they would wake at around 1:30-2.  They woke around 1:30, but I can't blame em for cutting their nap short... I mean we have been off schedule for a while AND for the past few days, they have been sleeping and eating whenever their little hearts desired so they could feel better faster!  They nursed after they woke, and then we spent some time on our play mats, did some story time, and then tummy time, and before we knew it, it was 3 pm and time for nap #2!!! (Today we read stories about animals... they really got a kick out of me making all the animal sounds... and by kick I mean they looked at me like "What is WRONG with this CRAZY lady??? Are you sure she is sane enough to take care of us all day!?!" lol, I kind of like the idea of having a theme for story time everyday.. we'll see how I feel about that thought tomorrow lol) Now, ideally I would like for them to not go for nap #2 until about 4 or so, but again... we are just trying to make adjustments and get back in the swing of things. I would like for this nap to be about an hour-hour 1/2 long (so we are talking about 4-5/5:30..) Today N woke at 4:15 and M at 4:40. I think sticking to the original bedtime of 8 pm works well for us (especially considering the evening we had!!! ick! keep reading! lol). Gives mommy and daddy some down time to spend together and relax before our own bedtimes (which we have to get better about, bc we tend to be a little more on the tired side than we like.) After N woke, she hung out with me a bit as I worked on this post!!! and finished up my lunch (more on MY chores routine too... just keep reading!) We waited for sissy to wake up and then we nursed... after nursing we..... went did a little play time on our mats and then some time in the jumpers. (mommy got some sweating in too!) It was about 6 when we sat back down to nurse again (hello cluster feeding!) Nadi was already getting fussy b4 we fed ( I knew she was getting tired) so I let her take a little catnap on the boob. M followed suite, and I had to fight myself from dozing off with 2 on the nursing pillow in the football hold! So, of course I try to take em to the bed to take a short nap with them. THE INSTANT the boob came out ALL HELL breaks loose.  I couldn't have heard a train if it ran through my house.... Finally, I just put them in their swings against my own will.... Soon they calmed and were awake.  I am trying out this new thing where we do a quick sponge at night, just to get the drool goop out from under their necks and off their hands. I dont want to do pm bath times because I love our morning ritual, i just dont want slobbery babies in bed either.... at about 7 pm all hell breaks loose yet again as I try to get em rinsed and dressed for bed. Like literally a WHOLE HOUR goes by and they are so tired they are just screaming their little hearts out.  It killed me every step of the way :( M passed out the instant I put the bottle in her mouth to feed at bed time story.  (Sad that most "pleasant" sound in the room was that "Call Me Maybe" song playing in the background... ya, it was that bad!) Sooooo, needless to say, a nice yummy drink has magically appeared at the dinner table this evening! lol It's for the best though, because it will help them get back on their time schedule (not to mention they will sleep like their daddy does...errrr babies tonight!).

Seriously guys? Not one pair can stay on your feet even when you are SLEEPING??? ughhhIMG_6338Breakfast!!! mmmm IMG_6339 Milk Drunk Nadia.... lolIMG_6341 "You talkin to me?" (they way she sits is just SO thug life! lol)IMG_6342 Ms. MiMi.... looks thrilled doesn't she :) IMG_6343So you gonna put some food on the table yet or what momma! IMG_6347 "Mommy!!! LEAVE ME ALONE! I'm trying to blog over here gosh!" IMG_6348That "Thug Life" again lol IMG_6350 IMG_6351I am peanut, hear me "rawr" IMG_6352 Someone's sitting (still assisted by her piano)IMG_6354M during some tummy time IMG_6355

(side note: I did pull out their high chair.... i am still in search of a second one. I love the one that we have because it is a 4 way chair... high chair, goes booster seat, goes toddler chair... i guess the 4th option is that it reclines so techincally I could have been using it when they were newborns... but geez, I sure didn't want to even think about them in one that early..... it's just too grown up! lol, im trying to keep em young and small as long as i can! so they take turns in the chair and bouncy for now... slowly they will get to start "helping me cook" aka supervise and play lol... Will make the evenings after naptime #2 a little less hectic because I can get dinner prepped up before they go for bed time!  Plus, I want my girls to know EVERYTHING there is to know about food and cooking.... always the way to ANYONE's heart right ;) )

I know this is a long winded post, but thanks for hanging in there! The last thing I wanted to touch base on today was MY CHORES and how I have decided to spend my "naptimes."  During their first naptime, I unloaded the dishwasher, washed and dried bottles, fed and let the dogs out (who are banned to the basement... one ran off and rolled in the dirt and is FILTHY and the other got in the garbage and, well lets just say she pulled out the wrong things from there....) got my laundry going for the day, and got my sheets on the bed (you know, had to wash the sick germs off... they were waiting for me last night but spent the night in the dryer :/).  As I was winding down with this, the girls woke up... (in theory, I would have had about an hour to kind of sit (or lay) and relax). During naptime #2, I managed to get some lunch down (in peace)... I had left overs from last night, meatloaf and twice baked potato! Yummm! (recipes coming soon).  Ms. N woke up early so she hung out with me as I did a little browsing online and what not.... It was nice and relaxing! I would like to find a way to sneak in a little exercising here and there! (hey, this belly is not going to loose itself :(  unfortunately) I lost almost 2 hours of break time today due to readjusting to routine life so im ok... (i did manage to sneak in a few crunches and some plank time this afternoon next to the girls while they jumped :)!!!! Felt AMAZING! and from just that brief 15-20 min I am already sore, espec in my arms! I always do some arm workouts while playing with the girls, but today our dancing time was above and beyond.... my arms will vouch for me!)

Lastly, here is what was for dinner! (I hate cooking for just me, so lonely and makes me miss hubby :( but i gotta stay healthy and feed those girls!!!) Baked Fish au Gratin and a tomato/ mozzarella basil salad. I have made a new menu board so eventually it will all tie together (after I finish posting all my recipes) and life will be as easy for you as it is for me (in the kitchen anyways!) Hope you all enjoyed the read and can't wait to tackle tomorrow! (I'm almost tempted to tell people no visitors over the weekend because I am so determined to get us back on track, but I am sure after tomorrow I will be singing a different tune lol)

IMG_6356 IMG_6357 IMG_6359 IMG_6360