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We're Back!!!!!


hoping everyone had a WONDERFUL holiday season full of laughter, love, and cheer! :) we had quiet the eventful holiday. a few mommy and daddy only days (girls and grandparents enjoyed their quality time too! mommy and daddy laid around in jammies and were COMPLETELY lazy and lonely in our quiet house lol).  Then as the holiday bustle dies down, poor Ms. N gets sick (virus, probably the flu)..... for being a sick baby, She took it like a CHAMP though! You would have never guessed she was even sick (ya, she was a little drained and sluggish, but she was still alert, playful, and not fussy!) If anything, the silver lining to her falling sick (besides getting extra cuddle time with her all day in bed) is that I now have information to pass along to others about how babies bodies respond to illness....  I have SO much catching up to do with you all! I'm going to break it up in pieces (2 weeks is A LOT OF STUFF to cover!) Things to look for in the following posts:

-more recipes

-info on BLW (baby lead weaning); this refers to solids, not weaning nursing-wise

-info on baby food (both for BLW and purees; also I will be making my own food so recipes and storage info to come!)

-a new updated routine/schedule

-more info on BF and supply (of course as I finally establish and manage to somewhat maintain the appropriate amount for them, they increase their intake; so its like we are back to square one)

-a fulfilled promise in regards to baby wearing info! (as it has saved the day many a times over the holidays

Daddy will be out of town next week for work so I will have some free (lonely) time in the evening after bed time to update the site.  I know I always say this, but for real will post more about babywearing! it has saved us so much the past week alone! still waiting on our macbook to come back from the apple dr so I can edit the clips of my DIY wrap making video....  Also, since We start solids in a few more weeks (1/25), after our grain ceremony at the temple..... so plenty of info on solids to come! :)


happy new year y'all!!! can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us all!!!!