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Sorry I'm Behind....


Sorry to have kept you all waiting! I am working hard on getting this video of DIY wrap making to you! (OF course I found an easier way to save some time as I was making this one with a video SO I am in the middle of shooting and making another wrap!) I am also working hard to perfect some carries in order to start bringing you videos of "how to" with some of our carries! My back carries (while are functional) need some practice. I am also working on uploading my recipes and stuff for you guys! This week will be more of a "Get stuff together and uploaded" kind of week so bare with me as I try to juggle that in. I hope you are all having a fantastic week and I will def post some pictures and a small recap soon! Since we started swaddling arms out, mommy and daddy are loosing some sleep as the girls are adjusting to this extra arm freedom! We are also on "Operation No Formula, part 2" so we have some HUGE focuses this week!!! Thank you all for your patience and stay tuned!