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"Girls Only" Day 2


Day 2 was SO much smoother, but boy was I one tired mommy this morning! Last night Fairy Cami stopped by and I was SO grateful she did! I tried to dream feed the girls the same way I had done Sunday evening, but I was about 5 minutes too late because they both woke at the same time :/ Then Miraya just did not want to fall back asleep.  So needless to say I was up with her til 2. She would fall back asleep in the swing, I would wait it out for 10-15 min but she would wake back up and we had to start all over again :/ Then Nadi woke up at 3. And M at 5.... needless to say... I was not too thrilled to get out of bed this am! (espec with all this rain we have been having :/) We laid around in bed this morning (skipped our bath time) until about 930. Then we got dressed and did some tummy time before nap time.Playing with their new "lovey" blankiesIMG_5803Tummy Time! Such BIG GIRLS! Holdin their heads so strong! IMG_5804 Miraya trying on her new winter hatIMG_5805Nadia is all about the "thug life" lol IMG_5806 I was SO exhausted from last night that I just had a bowl of cereal and laid down for the morning. (A tired mommy will do no one any good!) I managed to actually sleep for about 30 of those minutes. After they woke we nursed. (I was so tired and lazy that I didn't pump like I normally do at 12:30) After we nursed we played in our jumpers and sat in our bumbo's and played with all our new toys. I nursed them before their nap too instead of their before nap bottle) I am working on trying to break them of their swaddles at night so I tried to do nap time in the crib in the nursery (one crib is in our room and one in the nursery. I would ideally like to move them to the nursery after they start to sleep through the night. This DID NOT work. I gave it about 30 good minutes of effort and then put them in their swings. (I did not want to throw the schedule off too much and you know with them crying so much they were already gonna sleep extra good) I used this nap time to start working on getting my DIY woven project in motion and also unpacked and cleaned and arranged our bathroom and bathroom closet, the guest room, and fold and put away the girls laundry and tidy up their nursery. They overslept by about 30 min this afternoon but surprisingly were still ready for bed at their usual time.

Nadi cuddling with her new lovey blankieIMG_5807

I made sure to have their bottles for after nap ready as well as everything prepped up for bedtime (i.e. bottles, jammies, diapers, lotion, and swaddles laid out). This made the night INCREDIBLY smooth! I attached the handles of the sippy cup to one of the bottles. I did not know it was going to be such a hit so quickly otherwise I would have went ahead and bought 2 of them! They LOVED IT!!! They struggled a little getting the bottles into their mouth and holding it high enough to get all the milk, but it was definitely a success for the first attempt and I look forward to working with them on mastering this new skill! Nadia had been showing more initiative to hold her bottle so I gave her the handles but Miraya kept looking over at her like "what is she doing? I want in" SO i let her play with it some too and she loved it! Then we played a little with different things in our "box of fun" (aka the toy box). I gave them some baby spoons to play with and they were very intrigued by them.  Made my heart melt! We FaceTimed with daddy and grandma. Grandma FaceTimed us at bedtime to read the bedtime story (which i GREATLY appreciated since feeding two babies at the same time is hard enough.) They were cool and calm for the whole process (unlike last night!)

Nadia trying out her bottle handles IMG_5808Miraya loving being a big girl! IMG_5812 IMG_5811 Needed a little help getting the bottle up enough to get the milkIMG_5810 IMG_5809 Mommy, what the heck is this thing? lolIMG_5819 IMG_5818 Miraya sitting AND trying to feed herself..... Growing up too fastIMG_5814 IMG_5813 IMG_5820 My four legged child got a little jealous of the loss of attention today IMG_5821 IMG_5822

Since I am trying to drop the swaddles tonight was the perfect opportunity to try "arms out." (I mean we were already on a roll with succeeding with attempting new milestones so why not?) It took about an hour overall to get them to bed. They wanted their lovey blankies to cuddle with when they went in the crib but i was SUPER nervous about letting them sleep with those in the crib so I took them away asap. They fussed a little bit but I fed them what they did not finish from their nighttime feeding. I think the freedom of hands was a little overwhelming for Nadi because she just wanted to babble and stick her hands in her mouth. I had to eventually nurse her to bed. (I am hoping that since they ate a little extra, especially Nadi that they will sleep a little longer before waking for a feeding. I will of course update tomorrow!) They look so sweet sleeping in all sorts of different positions. SO GROWN UP looking! They both ended up sleeping on their sides. I am worried now that the time is approaching for us to have to go to separate cribs. They ended up toe to toe instead of side by side (I put them a little more diagonally in the corners). I am SO glad that I had already cut the veggies for my sandwich yesterday! It made making dinner a breeze which was super helpful since I lost about an hour of "me time" with trying to get them in bed. My sub bread was no bueno so I made it on sandwich bread instead. Not too disappointed with it but it just wasn't the same. Hopeful the night goes smoothly and look forward to updating tomorrow!

I was bad.... I had chips tonight instead of a salad, but not so bad since the sandwich is all veggies and lettuce :) IMG_5823