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"Girls Only" Day One


Well today started off just a touch shaky! Girls woke at 7:30-8 am. We did bath time (we like to do it in the am and start our day off fresh and clean) and did some skin to skin nursing. These girls are TOO sweet! They are always holding hands when we nurse and it melts my heart EVERY SINGLE TIME! I am not sure, but it could be possible that Nadi is cutting a tooth. (teething is def kicking her cute little baby butt though) She SCREAMED for about 20 min this am with no end (cuddling, rocking, walking,  NOTHING seemed to help her feel any relief. Monday is a big day for us! Girls always get their nails "done" (aka cut lol). I have to do it one day every week otherwise I will never know the last time we did it lol. (mondays is also vacuum day and the day I wash crib sheets). They PASSED OUT almost the instant I put them in their swing!

Miraya helping pick out her outfit IMG_5776Nadi patiently waiting for her turn to get dressed IMG_5777


During mommy's "first break" of the day, I tackled the monstrosity of a mess that piled up over the weekend in my sink. (We were busy bee's this weekend and last night I was just not up to washing all those bottles). From 10:30-1 I brushed and boiled bottles, I worked on sorting and organized all my clean bottles and tossing out old nipples that are too worn. (Bought a Tommee Tippee transition cup yesterday since Nadi has been trying to hold her own bottle and I am working with Miraya on that too, since she seems content with just being served lol. I am SUPER excited to try this one out! ) I also was able to get in the garage and sort through some boxes (stack ones that can be unpacked after I paint, boxes for hubbys "man cave", etc) and put a few things around the house that I want to organize (like our bathroom closet and the girls bathroom) :) The girls woke and took a bottle (formula unfortunately.... I am going to bake lactation cookies again tomorrow and start back up on my fenugreek and other herbs again as well. I wanted my body to take a break from it and let the tolerance lower again). I am trying a new approach to afternoon play time that has more of a "centers" vibe to it. I just have the bouncies (the vibrating chairs) set up so they can eat and play in em, and the bumbos near them and the play mats laid out. That way when they start to get tired of whatever it is they are doing, I can easily move em to the next "Activity".  We bought SO many new toys for them since they are now more alert and interactive. I will, of course, report back on the effectiveness of this method. They really seemed to love it bc I was able to let them entertain themselves and entertain them one on one as well (if that makes sense). We are doing story time right before our b4 nap bottles. I also got this teether and am not sure how I feel about it. I think the girls are still a little small but they really seemed to enjoy it. ; BTW I got pink and paid $8 at Babies R Us FYI)

Holy Mess of Bottles Batman!IMG_5779 Mmmmm... breakfast (soy milk) IMG_5781 A little playtime with Miraya while we wait for sissy to wake IMG_5787 Even Marley Got in on the Tummy Time Action! IMG_5786 SUCH A BIG GIRL!!!! Holding her head up so strong! IMG_5785 AND trying to hold their own bottles!!! Can't WAIT to break out their new cup tomorrow! The handle fits on the regular bottle so I will try that first and introduce the new sippy top individually IMG_5790

During "mommy break #2" I put a little food in my belly and in the fridge. I did not have a chance to eat all my avocados and instead of having to waste them (They were just slightly over ripped) I made guacamole instead! SUPER EASY!!! I was already using the ingredients in my lunch (salad) and dinner (can't help myself.... we are going with meatloaf!). SO I got a jump start on dinner too! (and only had to cut onions once today!) While I had the cutting board out I went ahead and chopped up 1/2 of the green pepper and put them in one box. I also sliced the rest of my onion and pepper and put it away separately so when I want to make grilled subs the hard work is done! After eating my lunch (while pumping of course) I finished up the laundry I started this am and did my best to "tidy up" and be ready for bedtime. After they woke, we nursed and FaceTimed with daddy (who had the LONGEST DAY ranging from sitting at the airport for about 6 hours, flying to the WRONG airport in Canada, and having to drive 350+ miles to the office WITHOUT his bag since it decided it wanted to stay in ATL lol). Also FaceTimed with Granma and PriyaMasi, and Tia Jackie and Leyla! (They have more of a social life than ME!!!) They played in their jumpers and then we were off to bedtime! (This playtime ALWAYS seems to blow right by us... they day somewhat "drags" but as soon as they wake at 6 its just FLIES BY).  Since they did not nurse as long as they should have (I kept trying to put the boob back in their mouths but they were not wanting any part of it after 20 minutes.... we go for at least 40-60 min smh), it was a LONG 30 minutes... they were not happy campers! They were SO hungry! I am going to have to go back to cluster feeding before bedtime. It was screaming and crying pretty much the WHOLE time I changed their diapers, did their lotion massage, and put their pj's on. SO heartbreaking, but I just had to rush through it instead of taking more time to stop and try to calm them... from experience I have learned that it's better to just move fast bc if I DO manage to get them to stop, they will just scream when I go back to doing what I do.... They were happy once they got their bottles and bedtime story. I swaddled Nadi last night with one arm out and she did great! Today I tried both arms out and NO GO!!! She was fussing as soon as I put her i the crib and playing with her hands during bed time story.... As SOON as I put her arms in she was out like a light.... M cried too but I gave her a little more milk and she also knocked out! ON TO DINNER!!! MY FAVORITE!!!!! mmmmm, my meatloaf is baking as we speak! It smells divine in the house! Just keep in mind that it takes an HOUR in the oven... so don't be like me and put it in the oven super hungry! I think next time I make it, I am going to go ahead and make the loaf and put it in the fridge. So I can pop it in the oven an hour b4 I am ready to eat instead of just sitting here and having to wait on it.. just a heads up!  Looking forward to tomorrow! Can't wait to update you all :)

LunchIMG_5795Fresh homemade guacamoleIMG_5793


IMG_5794 Ready for subs! IMG_5798SO sweet... snugglies with her monkey at nap time IMG_5796 Trying out her new teether! (Dr. Browns CooleesIMG_5797


Meatloaf IngredientsIMG_5800 Before the ovenIMG_5801I was SO hungry I just HAD TO eat some first! lolIMG_5802