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Let the ALL GIRLS Week Begin!!!!


Hi world! Hope you all had a great weekend! Daddy is going out of town this week for work and while we are going to miss him SO much, we are excited for an "all girls party!" (hey gotta make the best out of the situation right?!?!) I have made a thorough list of things I would like to accomplish while I have the house to myself (like organize all my crap into the bathroom closet and what not lol).. I also wrote my ideal schedule for the girls... obviously it wont be followed to a t, but to have a visual really helps me! Did my grocery shopping for the week (spent $77 but SAVED $36!!! woot woot!). When I shop, I keep an eye out for sales (sure Im not gonna use 4 cans of diced tomatoes this week, but I will before the next 2 years go by and at BOGO, its not smart to get a few for now! just for example).... Since it's just me I have my 5 meals picked out but not really sure which will go what day. And that is cool for me bc I still have the flexibility to choose how much time and effort I want to put into dinner each nite (i.e. not running around dropping girls off at extra currics just yet lol).... This week we have:

  • baked mahi
  • meatloaf (this is my FAVE thing to eat.. when I worked at the restaurant that this recipe is inspired by I ate it like EVERY DAY! so don't be surprised when this keeps popping up on the menu lol. and its pretty quick and easy too!)
  • grilled subs (again easy and quick and a HUGE favorite! and of course nice and healthy!)
  • tofu stir fry

Also bought some new osnaburg fabric for our babywearing and our DIY wrap! I will def make sure I try to make a snipit video for you all on how I took it from a piece of fabric to our "fluffy" fun! it will take a while (since I have to dye it and that wont happen til Christmas time when we are at grandma's house and have the extra hands to help while I jump head first in this project...) I was shopping at Babies R Us today (killing sometime... FIRST TIME out completely solo! lol and of course i use the time shopping for the Twincesses! Such a mom lol) I met a first time expectant mom shopping for her registry and got that motivational push to work on my "needs and nots" for baby items so keep an eye out for that! (my goal is to include what we got from where to minimize expenses...) this again will take some time and will be located in the "mommy questions" page of the blog.

Looking forward very much to updating you all throughout the week! Hope everyone has a good week filled of happiness and laughter!!!!