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Just Another Thrusday... (Sleep Regression Recap Included!)


It was SO relaxing last night to not have to do much more than stir a few times throughout the day to "prepare" dinner! I am def going to be using our new crock pot more often and posting recipes asap! The hardest part of crock potting is cleaning out the pot, so I can't complain too much. Tonight we had salmon with couscous! I am SO excited because it is another quick fix dinner that is "gourmet style" food! I LOVE being in the kitchen and can't wait to teach the girls all about food and cooking! (The best way to anyone's heart is through their stomachs right? Plus, food always cheers up anyone!) Since hubby is going to be out of town next week for work (again :/) I am working on trying to find recipes that will be super fast and easy to fix.  I don't typically like cooking for just myself, but being on this "health kick" and trying to cut down on processed foods, I will have to cook.  The hardest part of the dish tonight was chopping the tomatoes! I strongly suggest investing in a garlic press if you don't already have one! It's the best ($6?) we spent. Found ours at IKEA. This allows me to use fresh garlic every time without the fuss of having to mince it (plus then my hands don't smell either!) Pictures for my visual folks! (and the recipe)



Salmon on a bed of couscous topped with tomato "marinade" IMG_5680 IMG_5681 IMG_5682

Into the oven goes dinner! IMG_5683Viola!!! IMG_5686

IMG_5687Added a little side of avocado to up the healthy factor :) IMG_5689 IMG_5688

To make it super easy and fast, I bought this couscousIMG_5684Dessert! Blueberry strata! (I prepped this during the girls nap time earlier so it had time to soak up in the fridge... will post recipe soon! IMG_5685Quick lunch today! (salad... fresh lettuce, craisins, croutons, and dressing!) IMG_5661


In other news, I did promise some updates on the 4 month sleep regression.... For us it hit about 2 weeks or so early. It was tough because waiting for them to wake to feed NOR dream feeding seem to do the trick.  What helped was having a small swing in our room and letting them fall asleep in it. The key was to wait for about 30-45 minutes before attempting to move them. I did a lot of reading up on it and it turns out the sleep regression is caused by a change in our babies sleep patterns.  Their sleep cycles in the beginning do not have distinct stages, hence the reason they are probably comfortable sleeping anywhere anytime. They are always just in that "deep sleep" stage (which is why they don't wake up easily in the first few weeks.... Man, I enjoyed not having to worry about waking them up by making noise in the early days! It worked well for us, because we were still in our tiny condo and there wasn't much space. The kitchen was right next to our room and I would not be able to cook and clean if we were still living there today!).  At the "four month" sleep regression, babies are transitioning into the "active" and "deep" sleep stages, just like us! The whole thing about it is that they do not know how to put themselves back to sleep after they wake up.  For us, the problem was not so much putting them to bed and having to make them "cry it out" (CIO) as it was trying to get them to go back to sleep after they woke to feed. We have been enforcing our bedtime routine since the girls were about 5 weeks old, so when we go to the bedroom and they hear the sound machine go on and the "big light" goes off and the lamp switches on they KNOW it's bedtime! The BIG thing to keep in mind (which made our nights so sleepless) was to make sure that you don't do things to calm them that you are not willing to do for the rest of the "foreseeable future."  When I say this I mean to make sure you don't form "bad habits."  I love nursing my girls, but I didn't want them getting into the habit of being nursed when they scream.  I also had to caution hubby with the rocking them back to sleep. It takes them about 30-45 minutes to hit the "deep sleep" stage again, and I don't think he is going to want to rock them for 30-45 minutes every night until who knows when.  So the best thing we could do was make the best of it with the little swing in our room. And also just trying to calm them and put them back in the crib drowsy. We spent a great deal of time standing over the crib just patting them and rubbing their backs (by putting them slightly on their sides til they fell asleep)...... Hope this info helps and I will post more if it comes to mind in the future! (Due to the lack of sleep during the nights, I was unable to post about this sooner :/)

They are getting SOOOOOO big!!! They are now trying to sit up on their own! Nadi is ALMOST there! She just keeps tilting forward still... I give it til New Year MAYBE Christmas time..... IMG_5664IMG_5673 IMG_5671 IMG_5670