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A Recap of Our Week in the Kitchen :)


After a long night last night with little Ms. M crying for over an hour (more about that to come in a later post), it's a surprise that I am not flat asleep on my face right now! lol. I want to recap the week in the kitchen and make a list of the groceries that I used to help make it easier for anyone who wants to adopt our menu plan! I am working on making a generic "shopping list" and I will post that when I finish it! I find one obstacle I have when at the store (espec now that I am always in a rush bc I either have the girls with us, or am rushing to get back to them) is making sure I pick up everything I need. No worse feeling than getting home and realizing that you forgot something! Ingredients we used this week:

-green bell pepper (2): chili/subs/meatloaf

-onion (2): chili/subs/meatloaf

-garlic (1 large "bunch"): chili/meatloaf (garlic will hold, so I bought enough to use for a week or 2)

-ground turkey (3 lbs): meatloaf (and chili if you prefer! I used VEGGIE beef crumbles for ours! much healthier and you can't taste the difference!)

-tomato (2): chili/subs/ salads/ salmon dish

-head of lettuce (1): subs/salads (I find it better to just buy the head bc a) it's cheaper than prepackaged lettuce and b) I can use it for salad or chop it for sandwiches)

-tortilla chips: chili (I like to use the scoops! Makes eating chili that much easier!)

-thyme: meatloaf (you can freeze this for longer life)

-couscous: salmon (I like the Near East brand)

-english muffins: breakfast! (this makes for a great quick and easy bfast meal or snack during the day! carbs are great for us nursing mommies!)

-yogurts: great for snack time! I made sure to eat at least one with bfast daily! I learned that thrush is pretty much a yeast infection in the breast, so i want to make sure that I eat some yogurt to prevent it!

-veggie chicken tenders: subs (you can use any meat you prefer for the subs! I typically use mushrooms for the protein, but hubby despises mushrooms so I have to use the tenders)

-OJ: great way to get your fruit in at breakfast time

-italian dressing: subs/salads

-salmon: salmon dish (duh lol)

-balsamic vinegar: meatloaf glaze (this stays for a while so I will find other things to use it for.. but that meatloaf was SOOOOO good that I have NO problem making it every week! lol)

most of the other ingredients are things that I already had in my pantry and will include a list (if I can) soon, if not you will be able to find them in the recipes that I posted! Everything listed above was what I bought on Monday while shopping.

Hope this helps! Keep an eye out for the recipes! (I will post an update to let you all know when they have been added to that tab!) Tonight we will have leftovers and I will pop a frozen pizza in the oven! It's Friday, and I'd rather not spend the evening cooking! Tonight is "date night" with the hubby.... After the girls go to bed, we will watch a movie (aka, I will fall asleep about 30 min into a movie cuddled up with him lol) and spend a little quality time together. Tomorrow we are going to visit grandma and grandpa for the day! Grandpa had surgery earlier in the week, so we are going to go brighten his day a little since he's stuck in the bed for a while :) I won't have to cook lunch (or probably dinner since my mom is pretty good about sending something back home with us!) I hope to make some pancakes in the morning, but if that plan fails we have back up frozen waffles! lol Sunday will start the new week and we will make another trip to the grocery store for the week. I can't wait to make the menu and share all of our yummy info with you all!!!!! Til then, enjoy your day and keep all the bellies full!