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After a few relaxing hours on Sunday of reading the paper and checking out the sales and coupons for the week, I was glad to be able to do my grocery shopping and menu planning for the week.  I managed to save half of what I spent! (Spent $115 after saving $52!) We had a DELICIOUS turkey meatloaf last night for dinner. Very VERY easy and not time consuming at all! And best part, you can save the leftovers and make meatloaf sandwiches the next day for lunch! Tonight we are having grilled veggie subs with salad for me (chips for him).  Fairy Cami and Auntie Michelle are coming over tomorrow to help decorate our Christmas tree (we put it up Sun, but haven't had a chance to put up the ornaments yet).  Since it's been a dull and dreary week, I figured what better way to spend the evening full of friends and family then with some warm yummy chili!  I spent a total of about an hour in the kitchen tonight, BUT not only did I get dinner made for tonight, tomorrow I don't have to cook AND hubby's lunch for tomorrow is ready and packed!!! One thing that has been challenging for me, that I hope to help all my fellow mommies with, is the grocery shopping part of the whole thing.  I always see dishes I want to make that require "specific" ingredients, but don't want to buy something that is for just one dish and waste the rest of that product. This is why I am making weekly menus and am exploring options that call for similar ingredients without feeling like we are eating the same thing over and over.

The trick today was that tonight's dinner and tomorrow's dinner required most of the same ingredients. ( I honestly was planning chili for thursday but I have NO problem moving things around.....)  I am currently working on making a recipe book and menu planner to put on my fridge. Please stay tuned and bear with me as I get all these side projects rolling and ready for y'all!!!! Your patience is greatly appreciated :) (at least you hopefully will start getting some ideas on things to cook for your families in the mean time!)

Here are some pictures for my visual people :)


Ingredients for grilled subs! (I forgot I bought avocado so they were not in this pic) IMG_5639

Fresh made salad.... just added feta cheese and craisins


The "base" of the sandwich.... toasted bread, mayo, and "cold" ingredientsIMG_5641

Grilling the veggies and melted the cheese right on top.... one of these will go in a box and BAM hubby has lunch :) IMG_5640 Chili ingredients... IMG_5655

Chili in the crock pot... IMG_5637

Another shot of chili I have made in the past (so you can see the ingredients better)IMG_5654


In other news, after being sick for about a week (last week), I feel like my supply has decreased (in spite of the marathon nursing that we did last week).  I am SO worried about the girls not getting enough food that I am altering my lactation plan yet again. I have decided to only nurse in the evenings after they wake up from their afternoon naps (and maybe in the mornings when I am most full).  The other times I will give them bottles (hopefully of expressed breast milk, IF I can produce enough for both). I am also doing this to gauge where they stand with their intake amounts. Once I can confirm that I am producing enough (by pumping the amount that they take in the bottle) I will go back to mostly nursing with the before nap bottle. They have a sufficient amount of wet diapers, but I just don't trust that as the only way to gauge intake (and I just don't have the access to a scale to weigh them after feedings or by the week.) I know that hungry babies won't go by quietly, but I just want to make sure that I am taking the BEST care of the Twincesses as I possibly can :)  EVEN if that means buckling down and getting back to pumping every few hours. I am not sure if I ever included this before, but on Sundays I kind of "take the day off from nursing."  I strictly pump every 2-3 hours and feed them the milk I made (this is how I noticed that my supply had decreased).  I still nurse in the evening, but during the day it just helps give me a chance to step back and relax as well (idk how relaxing constantly pumping is, AND I DO miss having the girls share that special bonding time with me BUT.....). Sometimes we all just need a break, and this allows me to have more quality play time with the girls. And also, if we have friends and family over, others can participate in the feeding ritual... because you know how people LOVE feeding babies!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and I Hope you all enjoyed reading.  I look forward to updating you again soon!