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Honey, It's NOT the Shirt.....


Hope every one had a  GREAT and filling Thanksgiving! Sorry for not posting for a while. I had some personal issues to handle, but Im back and better than new! We spent Wed/Thur pm at my parents house and did a little shopping Fri before we went back home. So, my first time shopping for clothes post baby (the only reason I braved it out at 8 pm th and back again fri with the hubby was for clothes... and KOHLS is ALWAYS the place to be! fyi) I must have tried on about 7 sweaters trying to find the "right fit" when I realized that it wasn't the shirts that were preventing me from getting my "pre baby look," it was MEEEEE that had the muffin top! :/ I, thankfully, am only up about 1-2 jeans size (depends on the style and brand), but the belly gut needs to go!!! So this week, I am focusing on eating healthy and living active. I have made a menu for the week and am READY to grocery shop! I have not been in able to adhere to the routine for about 2 weeks now, so I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things tomorrow! I will do my best to also sneak in some sleep regression posts in between my daily posts because that is such a HUGE part of their development (and also a factor in not being able to keep up with posts...... lack of sleep for us!)  

MENU for the week of: 12/2/13

M- Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and veggies

T- Grilled Subs (my ABSOLUTE favorite food EVER!!!)

W- Baked Salmon with Couscous and Tomatoes

Th- Chili

F- Pizza

Now I am vegetarian (99% of the time; I was born and raised veg, tried meat for a little while but it wasn't for me and made me SICK when pregnant).  Once in a blue moon I will cook meat to keep the hubby happy. I am a HUGE fan of morning star farms products and chow down on those most of the time for protein and "meat" intake. Its WAY healthier for you anyways!


Hope you enjoy this weeks focus!!!! It's the wrong time to start a "diet" but never a bad time to be conscience of your health and eating habits...... all it took was about 5 mirrors reflecting to me something I was tired of seeing (I also am going to be more strict about wearing my binder AND sweat band this week to help tone and tighten the belly fat... one step at a time, but the work out plan is coming! me and the hubs played around with the girls and started doing crunches with them in the evening before bed time... just sit them on ur lap and hold them while crunching....) Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Happy week folks!