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GOOD MORNING WORLD!!!! Today I am (not so pleased...) excited to say that we have officially hit another big milestone in our journey to becoming big girls!!! The infamous "4 MONTH SLEEP REGRESSION!!!!"  After doing a little reading up, I can now confidently assure daddy that the girls have not turned into "spoiled brats" just yet. :D It is true what they say, "Just when you think you have it down they change it up on you." We are also lucky enough to be able to throw teething into the mix of fun times ahead! :/ Today I am going to spend, what little down time i DO get, looking into the sleep regression to have a better understanding of what it is all about.  I do look forward to sharing our experiences with you all and hope that when this time comes for you or someone you know, there will be some info here to help you get through it as well!  

Fun Fact of the Week: My breast pump (aka ball and chain) decided it was gonna go bananas on me and only pump out 1 oz (vs my "usual" 3-4 oz) and leave me FULL... SO Medela is AWESOME if you are ever in the market (or helping a friend/know a friend who is shopping around). They are replacing my WHOLE pump (i.e. bottles, cooler, extra parts that came with) free of charge! I am SO grateful bc me and that thing are in it for the long haul! This does, however, make for the PERFECT timing/excuse to rent out (free of charge) a hospital grade pump. This pump will for sure empty me out AND help increase my supply (as long as I stay consistent with pumping sched)..... Already a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason" and it just proved itself right once again!