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Overall, I am SO pleased to say that OPERATION NO FORMULA was a complete success!! Yes, we still had to give some formula, but all was not lost. I measure our success rate by the amount of bottles we reduced in our day (and in my night time chore of bottle washing!), the amount of nursing we tackled during the week, and by the SLOWLY increasing amount of EBM throughout the week (espec considering I was emptied out all week!) here is a recap:


OZ of formula given: 21 (that is about a whole days worth for ONE baby!!!!)

OZ pumped: 42

Being discouraged rating: 2 out of 10

The only reason we have any discouragement for the week is the fact that I was not producing as much as I would like to (or am used to seeing) while pumping. This significantly contributed to me burning through my stash of milk in the fridge and freezer.  The actual part where I had to give the girls formula was not so much a contributing factor to it.

Things I feel really made a difference in reaching this goal:

-motherlove pills and fenugreek (being consistent with taking them; I had to go back to setting alarms on my phone), I noticed a big difference after I started taking them in the middle of the week (about an oz diff).

-staying full and hydrated; Im not waters biggest fan, but I did try to keep milk and juice on hand and I just feel less drained and dry throughout the day with these things. I feel like a full tummy (yes these means I did not stop eating all week smh) keeps me more energized throughout the day. Yes I do eat, but most days I look back and have felt I did not eat ENOUGH.

-pump, pump, pumping it up!!! All the pumping I have been doing was discouraging at first, but slowly made me happier over time. Getting only 1/2 an ounce for the first day or 2 really turned me off, but now as I watch the bottle slowly fill after each session I got less discouraged and surprisingly more excited to sit and pump (rare)

WEEK 2 prep: making sure the fridge is full and things are on hand and "ready to eat" in case i dont have the free five minutes to whip something up (i.e. toaster strudels, fruit, etc.). Making sure alarms are set and h2o is stashed around the house for "easy access".  I have found making a "menu" helps keep me more organized food wise, helps the budget, and helps my sched (because its one less thing to worry about and I can always do little things here and there during the day to prep up for dinner time).  Not sure what the focus will be for the week. Daddy's birthday was 11/18 (yesterday!) and he just returned from a week long work trip SOOOOOOO......  thanks for reading and stay tuned! :)

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