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Day FOUR: OZ of formula given: 6.1  (N: 2.6/ M: 3.5)

OZ pumped: 8.5

Being discouraged rating: 3.5 out of 10


Day FIVE :

OZ of formula given: 2 (all N)

OZ pumped: 4.2

Being discouraged rating: 3 out of 10

DAY 4: 

So it was my first night ever being completely alone with the Twincesses. I was super nervous but very confident at the same time. Bc the girls usually are pretty consistent about their wake times (they have changed since the last growth spurt but have stayed the same since it ended), I decided to try dream feeding instead of letting them wake up to eat. This worked WONDERFULLY!!! I hooked up to my pump and fed Nadi first (around 11:45-12). She decided she only wanted 2 out of her 3 oz, so I put her down next to me in bed and got her sister. She also only drank 2.5 out of the 3. So i kept switching them until they finished their 3 oz. (I put them in a boppy and fed them. I was going to do both of them at the same time, but since I had 20 min to kill I decided to do one at a time. Plus it was a little easier since I was pumping at the same time). I feel like since they did take a little bit of formula before bed (which I am TOTALLY fine with) that the slept a little sounder, since formula is heavier and takes longer to digest.

We had a bottle of  bm again around 6, but i didnt wake up to pump the rest of what they needed, so I just nursed the girls afterwards. We got full and everyone went back to sleep until 9! (I could really get used to this schedule! lol) After we all sat down and had breakfast, we did a quick bathtime. The girls still can not last past 2 hours of  play time before they need to sleep. I have been trying to play with and adjust their play time, but still can't make it.... So, we took a bottle and headed for a nap. I had made them with my milk, but it wasn't enough. I am starting to run out of "stashed" milk, and I ultimately more concerned about them being full than me being stingy with food, whether it's bm or formula. We did have to do formula, but what made me really happy about the whole situation is that they did not need too much of it! (N: 1.1 oz/ M:.5 oz). While they napped, I worked on tidying up, and eating and pumping. My brother came by to visit too! After he left, I managed to close my eyes for about 30 minutes b4 the girls woke back up.

The girls napped from about 11:15-2:45. (I was REALLY starting to love this day! Sleeping in, full nap times...) The girls nursed after their diaper change and a little hang out time.  They nursed for a little over an hour! Luckily I had gotten all of my affairs in order (h2o cup full, bladder empty, phone charged, reading material handy) which made it all the more enjoyable. They kind of do their own thing, pop on and off and eat and talk and explore. It's just special chill time for us, and I love every second of it. :) They played for a little while and then went back down for a nap. Granma, Masi, and Fairy Cami came over that afternoon after they went down for a nap. I was able to get a nap in as well, esp since the girls didnt wake up until about 6:30. It was a little later than normal but i was willing to work with this sched bc the timing was awesome and would love to internalize it for a little while. (please, you had me at 9 am wake up time!) After they woke, we had another long tandem session. Mo Auntie also had stop by to hang out with us so there was a lot of excitement and energy in the house. (hence the barely 15 min nursing session). I gave them formula at bedtime just bc i wanted to make sure they were full and content, espec with the short nursing session at the end of the day. I stayed up for a while with the girls, but after my last pump for the day I fell asleep nursing Nadi after she woke up for her midnight feed.

DAY 5:

Since I fell asleep (surprise surprise) and didn't pump for some bottles, we just nursed. (Fairy Cami actually did make us 2 formula bottles around 3-4 am, and i am SO PROUD to say that we did not need em!!! They had gotten full off of me and went back to sleep before she was back with em!!!) I am a huge fan of the lay and nurse, but I always hated the part where I couldnt nurse both. But I started doing the "pop over" and putting one on the other side over (over my ribcage).  Fairy Cami and Mo Auntie had stayed the night so we had extra faces and fun during our playtime after we ate. (I managed to fill them up during that pop over session, so we were able to skip out of the tandem pillow in the morning!) After play time we took a bottle of EBM and went for a nap. Of course Miraya woke up after about 45 min. I am starting to think that it may the "45 intruder" that I read about somewhere. While I'm not 100% sure what that little bugger is all about, I have noticed that she likes to and tends to wake up about 45 min after I put her down. The only time this has not happened this week is the time I had to give F before naptime, and she actually slept the whole time. I am going to keep an eye out and report back.

We had a really super chill day. I was exhausted from all the pumping and nursing and eating I had been doing all week, so I had a lay around and nap kind of day. We had a lot of off and on laying on the sofa "nursing" and napping! We did one tandem session before bedtime and then had some playtime! :) Needless to say there is not much to report here day wise...  but I will say this. I have noticed that the amount that I pump has been increasing. I have been keeping myself VERY empty so that my body keeps knowing to up the amount of milk it thinks I need. I'm not sure what to attribute the increase to but thank you to ME for keeping up with and sticking to my goal! It is def paying off and I notice that with every bottle we don't take, every stinker I have to change that is super seedy and NOT stinky, and with every extra fraction of an ounce that comes out when I pump.... .we can do this!!!!!!!