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Day THREE: OZ of formula given: 5 (2.5 each)

OZ pumped: 7.7

Being discouraged rating: 5.5out of 10

So, it's 2:30 am and here I am pumping... Yay! Lol.... So, I had to thaw out a bag of bm b4 bed and the biggest challenge right now, since I'm not pumping enough in one sitting (yet), is the motn feed; I have to run downstairs and heat the milk while the girls cry :/ but that will change when I produce enough in one sitting. Then I can just pump, fill a bottle and leave it ready for them in my nightstand! Right now my focus is just pumping and increasing supply of course so we all have to tough out a little bit for the time being....

The rest of the night went ok. We had another few minutes of fussiness as we waited for milk. I got "lazy" and opted to nurse one baby while daddy bottles fed bm to the other. I always feel bad when one gets boob while the other has to settle for bottle. (I am still tryin to muster up the strength to tandem in the motn. I need to work on fitting an afternoon nap in if I'm going to do that. And while I love naps, I don't like the kind that end with me being woken up b4 I'm ready lol). I really think when of all this madness of pumping and nursing 24/7  calms, I will stick to bottles of EBM at night. I will still have to wake up and pump, but I'm down for a quick in and out feed with them. Plus with the pumping before bed and in the motn, I will have fresh milk on hand (and hopefully enough!!!) Dont get me wrong, I love tandem nursing! Not only do I feel closer to my girls, our special bonding time, I love knowing that I am able to provide them with the best food they could ever get. It's all they need to get by :) And they are super sweet when we spend that time together. Always holding hands :) ALWAYS melting my heart. But I also do like sleeping lol.

Today was a little rough around the edges. I think the girls are teething. Miss Miraya just could not be consoled for a good part of the day. After we did our am nursing, We Skyped with our family in India! That made our day. To see the smiles on everyone's face, especially my grandparents! Still can't believe my dada is 80 today! After that we talked to daddy on Tango and did bathtime. The girls did good of chillin out for 30 min after waking b4 eating. No fussing which I loved! I had time to wake up, brush teeth, etc. I also wanted to see how long their waking span tolerance is now after their growth spurt. Still 2 hours!!! At about 10:15 they were loud and not happy! I had to dip into the freezer stash today for 2 bags (12 oz). After their "b4 nap snack" they went in their swings. Miraya did NOT want to go to sleep but she could barely keep her eyes open. I was SO sad, but I had to let her cry it out a little. I tried to console her but then she'd just wake up more fussy.  I did good pumping today, finishing the day with a grand total of 5 pumping sessions. I tandem nursed for a total of  over TWO HOURS today!!! and then probably another hour or two doing the lay and nurse that i did not really log (if im 1/2 asleep i find it hard to account for how much time i actually was getting milk sucked out of me lol)

It's going to be a little tougher for the rest of the week since Daddy is out of town for work. Today I was completely solo, and i think we got by just fine (except for poor sweet Peanut!) We got a LOT of socializing done today. PriyaMasi facetimed us while she was at lunch at school, then again in the evening with Granma. We Tango-ed with Daddy twice today AND of course Skype with my grandparents and Aunt (who just so happens to have twins too! lol) I think  5 times is pretty decent (it will be total of 6 in 24 hours if you wanna get technical with it.. ijs) that puts us at our realistic goal of every 4 hours, even though I am shooting for every 2. It gets tough when I spend a good 30 min nursing every few hours too. (And to think, I used to think that the world revolved around my boobs before! Man, what have I been doing with them for the past 3.5 months?) We did a bottle of formula at bedtime tonite, which was COMPLETELY ok with me. I wanted to make sure that the girls went to bed content and with full tummies! As long as my girls are full, I don't care what they have to drink to get there! I am running low on my "backup" milk. I need EBM for the night time feedings because I want to make sure they get enough milk to keep em full and let them sleep all pm. (not in any way trying to back track that accomplishment that we hit since the beginning of they got home from the hospital!) I can't even nurse and lay because I won't have daddy to be there in case the other one wakes up. Not trying to make one mad bc i had to pull her midnight snack out of her mouth to tend to her sister! So I REALLY have to stick with my pumping schedule tonite. 2am, 4am, and 6 am. EEEK!

Since I am running low on back up milk and still making less than 2 oz a sitting (bc i am SO emptied out), I am debating formula again for their first feeding tonite. Because I have kept my breasts empty for the past 2 days, my body will start producing more milk so we should see an increase in EBM here shortly! I also started the fenugreek and special blend mother love so fingers crossed that boosts us too! (Side note: I have learned from other mommies and their unfortunate mishaps with frozen BM to thaw bags in a ziplock bag. Apparently about every brand of storage bags EXCEPT the Target brand up & up are notorious for leaking and spilling milk!!!! Just spreading the word!) We'll see how tonite goes. I think, in spite of the 2.5 oz of F each girl had tonite, that we are doing GREAT! I am getting discouraged bc I am not seeing results in my pumping, but i feel em when I get done nursing and see my girls look up and smile at me  content and full! ESPECIALLY when they don't scream and ask for a bottle to supplement that session!!!!!! Fingers crossed I wake for all my night time pump sessions! (a fellow twin mommy friend told me she did the same thing as me with the fanatic pumping and now produces 55-60 oz A DAY!!!! I wanna be like her when I grow up!)

Hope you found some useful info out of this and can't wait to report back tomorrow as OPERATION NO FORMULA continues! :)