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Day TWO: OZ of formula given:  NONE!!!!!!

OZ pumped: 6

Being discouraged rating: 2 out of 10


WOW what a day!!! It started off kind of slow. We did FINALLY get to talk to a few of my cousins over in India first thing this am! That was worth getting up for! I am the oldest grandchild/of the cousins on my maternal side, and these girls made 12 new aunts and uncles!  Tomorrow is my grandfathers 80th birthday!!!!!! My moms sisters and my cousins will all be over at my grandparents house so we have a skype date planned and Im SO excited for my grandparents to see their great grandchildren! Amazing what two people in love can create!  (we are a HUGE family! Mom has 5 sisters and we are 13 total cousins... ya that adds up to a grand total of 27! WAIT OMG, we are THIRTY PEOPLE!!! WOW that JUST hit home! smh).  Surprisingly, they lasted 30 minutes after waking before they got fussy for milk.

One of my biggest fears with going all breast is that they will be hungry ALL THE TIME! I do nurse at night, but one at a time and while I'm laying down! (i find that they will eat and sleep as it pleases them! and that means that mommy can get some sleep too!) I have been super nervous about night time feedings. AND about them waking more frequently in the night now that they won't be getting formula, which fills them up more and takes longer to digest. I also am still SO worried about my supply. For the first time today (I believe the first time ever) I was able to nurse and NOT have them scream again 20 min later for food!!!! We nursed for about 30 min this morning and then played for about an hour after that! BEST. FEELING. EVER!!!! Miraya just didn't want to take a full nap, so she hung out with mommy and daddy for a while. I was SO HAPPY to find that she didn't wake up because she was hungry! (my biggest fear shot down!) They did take a 1.5 oz bottle of expressed breast milk before their bedtime though. (I will continue this throughout their "nap time careers" . I like doing this so that they do not wake up as hungry or quickly as they would if they only fed after waking). I got a call around 10 or so and made plans to see a nutritionist at 1pm. That gave me just enough time to feed the girls and leave. (due to the short notice, I gave them each some expressed breast milk from the fridge stash and took what I pumped in the morning with me in case they got hungry again.)

Even though we were at the office for about THREE hours, it was worth EVERY second!!!! I got SO much information and support from these two very special and sweet ladies (who I hope get a chance to read this at some point!) I was beyond thrilled (and am still on the "mommy high" they gave me) with the outcome of our meeting. A few things that I would like to share with everyone about what I learned today in class (lol):

  • nurse, nurse, nurse! #keepcalmandnurseon! nursing is obviously the best way to get milk emptied out of the breasts. It is better to nurse than to pump to get supply up to where you want it. My OCD always tries to kick in when I realize that I don't know exactly how much they are drinking. I am just weird like that and like to know oz by oz what they consume (my way of knowing they are full maybe?).  I learned (from today as well as another conversation with a mother of twins who is a breastfeeding counselor) that as long as they aren't screaming, have 5-6 good wet diapers a day, and are gaining weight and pooping too. A few pointers here: I learned that all the nutrients in breast milk are absorbed by baby quickly, hence the increased amount of wet diapers in bf babies vs formula. Also, because they digest and absorb most of whats in the breastmilk, they are likely to poop less than formula feed babies. The perk of all the hard work and effort you may ask?? No stinky poo's! It will be more seedy and sweet vs a formula poop. (another reason why i started back up with my baby logs! my days already run together and I need to keep tracks of poops. Oh the mommy life! lol)
  • pump, pump, pump! i make it a point to try to pump every 4-5 hours (mainly after they go down for a nap since it's hard to pump while they play.... even with the hands free bra). I learned about prolactin levels and how it is easier to "trick your body" into thinking it needs to make more milk if you pump while those levels are still high. (it is harder for supply and demand if your body has to start from scratch with the levels at 0). I would like to try to connect the dots here (and this is simply my own opinion) and believe that this is why it is recommended for you to look at pictures of baby and listen to soothing music (in addition to relaxing yourself which in turn i would assume would allow your glands to relax). This is why my place of preference to pump is in the nursery. It is my favorite room in the house and my "Happy place" :) I am going to start pumping every 2 hours or so now. I also learned about making sure the breasts are empty so that the body knows to make more, simply pumping to pump isn't enough. The upper part of the breasts produce and contain the hindmilk (the controversial part of the breastmilk that contains the majority of the nutrients), and when the upper part is empty, the body knows to make more milk. This is why if you get too engorged, your supply decreases. Your body has too much milk and doesn't think that it needs to produce any more... so don't be like me and get lazy from time to time and let the boobies fill up just so u have a nice payout because ur really just making it worse in the long run!
  • eat, eat, eat! I bring a whole new meaning to "stuffing your face" I eat more NOW breast feeding than I did when I was pregnant! smh... and I have WAY more cravings now then before as well.... Because I am vegetarian (95% of the times.... I was born and raised, but sometimes I can't say not to a random dinner of calamari or sushi or fish... RARELY) I have to monitor and maintain my protein intake. I learned today that if I start to feel tired and am "rested" (ya right... like any mommy is lol) that means I am low on protein. I started back with the Boost (i was taking it in the hospital 2 times a day when on bedrest) and try to drink Ovaltine once a day (with almond powder and a dash of brewers yeast now), I eat tofu and eggs when i can (they do start to get old but im enjoying learning the many different ways to prepare them and can't wait to share some recipes soon!!) also DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS!


So a quick run down of the day as I make my final pumping appearance before bed (but def not for the evening lol) I am doing bottles (1.5 oz before each nap per baby... so I will need to have on hand a total of 3 oz of EBM each time). Also, bedtime and cluster feeding! They cluster feed every pm and since we did not follow bedtime routine due to the LONG afternoon we had (which btw they behaved WONDERFULLY!!!!! not fussy, not loud.... perfect angels!) so we will have to see how that one pans out over the rest of the week. Nursing about 10-15 min after waking from each nap. And pumping out as much as I can this week mainly to stimulate my flow and increase my supply. After I start getting the amount I need I can make adjustments to the protocol. I did have to freeze 6 oz of my freezer stash, but am replacing it with thawed milk. I am going to wait and see how my evening pumps go before thawing a bag for the before nap snacks, just in case we get lucky tonite and make what we need!

Thanks for tuning in and check back tomorrow for day THREE!!!!