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Day ONE: OZ of formula given: Nadia-3/Miraya-5

OZ pumped: 9

Being discouraged rating: 6.5 out of 10

It's been a long yet somewhat quick day today! I am shifting my posts from focusing on the schedule/routine (although you will still find info about it in my current and future posts) and putting the spotlight on BREASTFEEDING! I have SO much to say about this topic, but for today I will keep off the tangent soapbox and stay on topic!

Today started off like a normal day.... hubby opens a BRAND NEW can of formula (I just opened one yesterday! UGHHHH) I put the open can in the kitchen to make it harder on US to give into temptation at night and just shake and serve. (we need to stop being bartenders around here! lol) So, around 6 am Miss Miraya wakes up and just wants to chat about any and EVERY thing! I was nursing her sister when she woke, and she was SCREAMING so i said "just make her a bottle." Didnt want to wait the 2:30 it takes to heat up my milk in the fridge. I slacked last night and didnt do a middle of the pm pump, so we gave another bottle for breakfast. After that I went straight to hook myself up to my "anchor" as the hubs likes to call it lol. I expressed enough for one of the girls bottles (to supplement after nursing). I am trying to get to the point of where they don't need the bottle after I nurse, HOWEVER... I nurse them until they are "full" i.e. they push off of me, stick their tongues out to the boobs when reoffered, start to get antsy. But after about 15-30 min of "playing" (aka sitting on the nursing pillow and chatting/ looking around the living room or out the nearby window) they scream like they have NEVER been fed before!

I know that milk just wont start pouring in over night! The process of supply and demand takes time. (and keep that reminder in your back pocket too if your a supply struggling mommy!) We just have to keep doing what we have to do for our babies!  A little formula never killed anyone and whats most important is that baby has a full tummy. They wont care if its from breast milk or formula.... After our first caving, I feel like I became stronger in my will to NOT let that happen again. I made sure to pump about every 4 hours (10 am, 2pm, 10pm, and now at 2 am; the long gap comes from going out to the grocery store (for the FIRST TIME together as a family!)) We nursed as well for a good while today. I am going back to being a "tracking nazi" and logging everything into my app so I can report back to the masses as well as know for my own benefit. (Trust, things start running together by middle to end of the day!) I didn't eat as many cookies as I thought I would (who would have thought that eating cookies could be a chore! it's not like they aren't DELIC or anything! smh)

Overall, I would rate today as a success for first day "cold turkey" on formula. We mommies have to keep in mind that, no matter how good daddy's intentions and supportive they may be, they won't quite get 100% what we have to do/ the effort we have to put forth sometimes to get us to EBF! ITS A LOT OF FREAKING WORK!!! i mean, come on... pumping at 2:15 am! Now that's dedication!!! As for our schedule and how the day went, daddy was working from home today and I REALLY REALLY wanted to catch up on my newspaper reading and coupon clipping that I have neglected since we first moved. I also got some more organizing done in our kitchen! The girls were on a "2 baby" schedule for most of the day (up until the afternoon when we were getting ready to go to Publix!) It worked well for us bc we each got some one on one baby time and then we had some serious quality time! By the time we got home from the store it was almost time for bed! now thats the way to go! we are going to have to start doing that more often! (Too bad its about to get cold! cold sucks! REMEMBER: don't put ur baby in layers into the carseat! It can cause the seat to be ineffective and it can turn out worse than if u just put the baby in the back seat unrestrained!)


***ITS LATE.... THIS POST WILL BE COMPLETED 11/12 with of course our picture story!!!***