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So... not only are we dealing with the infamous 3 month growth spurt, but now I have a milk blister to top things off!!!! I could just feel my hair graying as the day progressed! It wasn't that the girls were that bad today, it was just the flow of the day and how it panned out.... I BARELY got my shower in, didn't eat enough, and was already running on fumes for energy and didn't plan to get caught with my pants down in regards to our schedule...... We woke as normal and did bath time and what not... we had had a LONG night that ended up with mommy on the sofa and the girls in their playroom in their swings after a feeding around midnight-1am. They woke again around 4 or so (first M then N). I tried moving them to the crib after they fell asleep (around 2ish) NA-UH! (i dont recommend moving them if they are sleeping after a fussy fit! just... dont do it ! lol) I was SO super tired  and it's funny that every time the husband is at home I feel SO lazy, but the instant he is gone it's like a burst of energy hits me and we are up and at it! After the girls went down for a nap I got started on my chores! Put a load of laundry in, walked the dogs, made my tea, and swept and steamed my floors. (upside to the new house, the whole house is hardwood except the girls and guest room; downside is the dog hair and footprints u can see ALL THE TIME! lol) Now, my dust buster is something else and wouldnt pick up my little swept piles, so i busted out the vacuum. Now for those of u that may be under the same assumption as me, the vacuum IS NOT white noise and WILL wake the babies!!! so the whole fiasco started when (around noon) I tried to quickly pick up the sweep pile with the vacuum and WAAHHH WAAAH.... we had a screamer. I nursed her and tried to get her to go back to sleep but it was a no go. Because she kept fussing, I tried to hold her and comfort her that way. She didn't really go for it, and after an hour and 1/2ish I put her back in her swing and she fussed her self to sleep (for about 1-2 min), waking her sister up in the process. So next was Miraya and it was the same story for her..... i managed to get her to nurse and go back to sleep quicker than her sister and immediately jumped in the shower! (this may be tmi, but when i started the laundry earlier i threw on my robe and put my jammies in the washer too in hopes of a shower b4 they woke! ya ok mom!)



IMG_5034 NadiaIMG_5043 MirayaIMG_5042 IMG_5039 IMG_5038 IMG_5036

Mommy wanted to make sure everyone knew how we felt about her!


Apparently Nadia doesn't agree with her outfit! :( IMG_5044Miraya doesn't look too sure either! :( poor me!


IMG_5057 Nadi after she ate after waking from nap #1 (aka the vacuum dilemma) MUCH BETTER!!!IMG_5055 IMG_5054 "HEY!!! U  talkin to me??"IMG_5051My little chunkster :) IMG_5049

And then we needed a costume change! A little spit up goes a long way! IMG_5060

Of course I didnt even get to finish drying my hair when i hear baby cries coming from down the hall! so, back in mommy mode, I did the usual change and feed. They had woke too early (staying up for more than 2 1/2 hours really pushes them and they get exhausted) so, as bad as it made me feel, I put them back in their swings and let them put themselves to sleep. (This ALWAYS makes me feel like a bad mommy, but the routine serves a purpose and if they would have stayed up, it would have messed up our whole bedtime routine! Sometimes schedule trumps all! I have to remind myself that I am trying to keep them consistent and i'm not a bad mom! They have mobiles on their swings and a big floor to ceiling window so it's not like they are just sitting there!)  I managed to gather the mess that remained and watched a little Giada. The instant hubby walked in I went to pump and hide out for a few minutes lol. Then we had some family play time and did bedtime! Hubs was SO tired (from work?? lol no seriously he does help a LOT and I espec appreciate that in the middle of the night... particularly these past few ones when all hell breaks loose! What would we do if we were still in those paper thin wall condos we just moved out of?? EEK!!! Our neighbors were super cool though and they are missed!) I had my heart set all day on cooking some yummy dinner and even though i was dead beat, best believe I made it happen!!! Then after the 2 hours it took me to watch AHS it was bedtime! We are SOOOO excited for PriyaMasi and Granma to come over tomorrow for trick or treating (even though Granma is still in denial about coming lol... like she's going to miss their first halloween! And PriyaMasi made their costumes!!!

I told y'all that being caught so off guard today PLUS sleeping on the sofa the night before (at 2:30 am and back up at 4 to feed M and 6 to feed N then 7:30 to start the day) had worn me out! But hey, at least I got a shower in!!!! IMG_5064Nursing Nadi and cuddles with Miraya (aka the Peanut) IMG_5063

Nadia(another costume change bc her first outfit was still too big :/) IMG_5073 Miraya! (They LOVE this piano! It folds down as well so they can kick it while they play on the mat! Thanks Aunt Nati!) IMG_5070 IMG_5071 IMG_5072

The Tutu she made! IMG_5075 FINISHED!!!! CANT WAIT to see them in these!!! IMG_5076 A little then and now picture..... Nadi is on the top and Peanut on the bottom.... Peanut and her mean mug! IMG_5077

 And of course dinner!!! I'm vegetarian about 95% of the time..... (born and raised and was full fledged for 24 years! I still have mostly vegetarian tendencies) Every now and then I indulge for the hubby! (and of course he missed this whole dinner but did say it smelled like I burnt something  HOURS later during our night feeding bc the house still smelled like yummy food..... I think the burnt scent was his fatigue talking lol) IMG_5078 Stir fry Tofu and Shrimp with peas and carrots! YUMMMM (i've been watching too much Giada lol) IMG_5079After my pump I couldn't resist a cold one to go with my peaceful solo dinner! Mommy needs a little break from the world every now and then too! IMG_5081

Thanks for reading and look forward to having you back again! Hope you enjoyed!