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Just Another Manic Monday... (10/28/13)


one more monday down in the books! This week is going to be a more "normal" week for us, not so much focus on unpacking and organizing. This weeks focus is MY schedule and routine! Also, I have been working really hard to up my supply of breast milk for the last few weeks. I have been trying to increase my h2o intake, nursing in the middle of the pm (instead of formula feeding), and being more consistent with my Mother Love pills (herbs and whatnot; which i strongly recommend for nursing mommies!) My pediatrician said that the preemie formula they were put on (Similac NeoSure) is recommended for 9 months, but because the girls are growing so well, he has left it up to me to decide when to take them off of it and exclusively breast feed. (I figure 3 months is decent time... and that it will probably take another week or so to get everything in order).  The house is pretty functional, as we did a lot of setting up and what not last week and over the weekend! And with that said, here goes a preview of the weekend....  


Daddy had a little garage sale saturday am. I woke up to him giving the girls a bath! Then he took his daddy hat off and was all business. We had about 30 min b4 our nap time, so we decided to go see what he was up to and be outside (which didn't last long bc it was still chilly out).  I have been practicing more and more to perfect this carry so that I can CONFIDENTLY make a video for the site!!!! I am getting there! BTW this is a rarer fussy moment... they typically don't fuss, unless we are out in public..... because we don't get enough attention being twins and all... and oddly enough ppl dont seem to know how to react to us when they see us wearing. They just kinda look at me like i'm some alien creature they have never seen before! This picture does illustrate a pretty clear correct form of carrying though! IMG_4852

Another picture of how we are positioned/what the carry looks like (can not wait to make this video!)IMG_4853Nadia IMG_4849 MirayaIMG_4851Playing around with the fireplace..... My brother drew the Jimi in the center. The rest are pictures that were sprinkled around my baby shower! Can't wait to get some painting done so I can actually arrange it for real for real... but good job Bro!!!IMG_4855Auntie Michelle and Shelise came by to see us! We were SO excited to meet them! They were with us 2 days before the girls came and helped me celebrate my birthday at home (the old condo) since I was on bedrest! (put on at 30 weeks, 2 of those in the hospital, and the last 4 at home... making daddy's hair grow BACK lol) (Michelle and Nadi) IMG_4857 My FIRST evening out with my girl since the girls came!!! (I hadn't been to a party since before I was preggo, and we ended up at TWO sat pm!) This was my makeup (that I did!) because I knew I was NOT wearing that helmet the whole time! IMG_4858 Bro made this!!!!! Lots of boxes and duct tape... and a few mystery house hold items for finishing touches :) I am SO PROUD of his creativity and talent! And so grateful that he let me sport it that night since none of my clothes fit, and I'm not really ready to show much skin yet.. still working on my "battle wounds" lol. I mean, I got to go out for Halloween in yoga pants, flat boots,  and a hoodie.... (No, I didn't put any fancy bra on either! I just wore my bralette as usual lol) I mean come on, how many females just got jealous???IMG_4859 Hence the makeup. I'm sure ppl at Kroger thought i was crazy when i walked in with just the blue things on my legs and my make up lolIMG_4860 Fairy Cami, the girls Godmother, and also the bestie! IMG_4864 IMG_4866OF COURSE I BROUGHT MY PUMP!!!!! lolIMG_4869 A few snackies :) Jack-o-lantern-krispy treats, peanut butter eyeballs, and of course pumpkin pie! (oh ya and carrot claws.... those were hers! lol)IMG_4870 Got to finally meet Ms. Heather! I've known her for about 5-6 months, and her mother made the beautiful fruit baby carriage for my baby shower, but we could just never coordinate a date! (of course we wait til the end of the pm to take a pix smh) I had to pump before we left here .... #mommyprobsIMG_4871 Party #2.... we missed the costume contest!!!! ughhhh.....  Meet Frankenstein's Bride! Awesome makeup job! IMG_4872 IMG_4873Ran into Carrie...IMG_4876The Ringleader of the Party..... let's just put it this way. There was a porta-potty outside and cars lined the street from top to bottom.... IMG_4881 IMG_4882 I can't believe I forgot her costume! Fern something....?IMG_4883IMG_4884And of course Catwoman, aka Cami!

IMG_4900Came home to this... IMG_4885Sunday Funday:

Nadia hangin out with her daddy!

IMG_4888IMG_4890Miraya and mommy time!  IMG_4891


IMG_4894Brunch Throwdown at the Tello House! My sister had stayed the weekend with us, and my brother was stopping by to see us and pick her up ; Cami had also stayed the night so we had a pretty full house! (All that was missing was Granma and Granpa!) Cami's specialty (in our house anyways) is Eggs Benedict! I LOVED this relaxing day with family so much that we (by we, i mean I) decided that this was going to mark the first of a monthly sunday tradition in our house! Grandparents included! There is no better feeling than a house full of family and love with a kitchen full of heart and soul :)  just don't leave me in charge of the hollindaise  sauce! We made that from scratch as well, and I am not the one to be in charge of constant stirring... can we say ADHD?  lolIMG_4903


Nadia with Paarth Mama (mama= maternal uncle/ Indian tradition)IMG_4895LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!!!! (Her name was HIS idea! So needless to say, they share and EXTRA special bond)

IMG_4898IMG_4899Paarth Mama and MirayaIMG_4896IMG_4897later that evening we had a BIG evening meal together! This is my view while tandem nursing.... they are TOO freaking cute! They ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do this, and it melts my heart EVERY time!!!! 

IMG_4901They always hold em down, like they the boobs are going to run off somewhere! lol (but thanks for covering mommy up so she can take the photo and share with everyone how sweet you both are!)

(Nadia right/ Miraya left) IMG_4902Mommy and daddy ended the evening with some  football and mac and cheese dinner! (The new flavored kraft mac and chz are the! )

MONDAY: BLAH The rainy weather was so tiring, none of us girls changed out of our jammies today! It felt like it was going to be a comfy kind of day... IMG_4908

Nadi and Daddy goofing off this morninngIMG_4912And of course, with Miraya too! IMG_4914 IMG_4915 After a little play time, we are ready for bottles and nap time! This is how we have been doing our tandem bottle time! (with vibrate OFF of course!) It is a little tiring to constantly be sitting on the floor, but it's so much easier and way less stressful!  IMG_4916 My snack while pumping this morning! Greek salad. (a quick and easy fix: salad mix, craisins, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and croutons with Kraft Greek Vinegarette... yumm!) In the past, I have portioned out individual salad mix and cheese into  sealed sandwich bags. This makes a quick snack that much quicker!!!! Just grab, pour into a bowl, and add whatever "toppings" you would like and your dressing. IMG_4917

Miraya woke and had about 30-45 min solo time with mommy! We nursed and played together.  Our routine is what gets us through the weeks, but I do love when they wake with a little between each other so we can have some one on one time. While we do a great job playing together, it's nice for each of the girls to not feel my attention has to be shared all the time.....

Miraya throwin up her signs... lol.. she's SUCH a "G"

IMG_4919 Lookin like Nadia hereIMG_4924 IMG_4923 IMG_4922 IMG_4921 IMG_4920

One way we make sure both girls get nursed when they wake up separately and we can't tandem! (Nadi woke up about 30 min after Miraya).... Nursing Nadi while giving Miraya her the supplement bottle of breast milk) The way our day runs requires lots of sitting in the floor for me... which I don't mind :) IMG_4927


The girls are starting to grab the inside end of the their trays now, so I put a few toys (rattles and  teething rings, etc) on the tray to give them something to reach for when they start to get to that point... While they play (of course we are listening to music), mommy takes some time to fold the laundry and put their clothes away. (I do my best to keep their clothes in one load and ours in another... but everything gets washed in Dreft/ Tide Free and Clear detergent either way... it's just easier that way when it comes to folding and putting away)IMG_4935


A little mommy and Nadi time while sissy play on her tummy time mat! She is looking like Miraya in this pix. IMG_4931



Into the bouncies for their before nap mini feeding... I like to do a "mini feeding" before naps so when they do wake up they don't scream their heads up. Also, so that they sleep a little longer/more soundly because they have full tummies! I started doing this at about 3 weeks old or so... IMG_4940

Someone (Miraya) couldn't last through their bottle! It's funny because I was doing some reading up about how much sleep they should be getting at 3 months old (about 15 hours). I don't necessarily try to keep them up for long times, as I read their cues and get ready for naps when they start to get fussy. They do NOT last past 2 hours give or take about 10-15 minutes ... as you can see here! IMG_4938

I wish I could just sit here all day like this! Miraya fell back asleep in my lap after I burped her and laid her down in my lap so I could burp her sissy... IMG_4941

My afternoon lunch (left over mac and cheese and a hot dog; I like to keep it quick, easy, and simple! I LOVE to cook, but not for just myself). Today I  caught up on my Giada and pumped while the girls took their afternoon nap.  This is something I used to do before the chaos of packing and moving took over our lives! I use this time to get my laundry folded, eat, pump, and relax a little before the last stretch of play time and the wifey duties take over :) LOVE Giada and can't wait to try out her recipes!!! I will post the ones that work well for us on a new tab along with other recipes in case anyone is looking for quick and easy meals to whip up, while still being filling and tasty! IMG_4942

This time Nadi woke up first, and she did not fuss after her diaper change so we did some tummy time and decided to wait for sissy to wake up for a tandem feed! IMG_4944 Daddy was home today from work, so we had a little extra play time with him :) IMG_4945 After a little bit of play time, we did our nightly routine and as you can see Ms. Nadi did not make it through our story! (This is how we do story time/ bedtime when daddy is not there. Boppys are a Godsend! Daddy was busy getting things ready for our new toys to be delivered the next morning!!! So he was DEF excused!) I read them stories from a Disney storybook that was given to me as a gift on my 4th birthday! it's falling apart, but the fact that I still have it (it is signed and dated on the inside!!) and am able to read it to MY children warms my heart! I want to have it rebound so that it can be passed down to them for my grandchildren too!!! (GAH, i don't wanna even think about that time yet! lol)IMG_4949 I always put them a few inches apart and they ALWAYS end up like this! notice Miraya's little hand that escaped her Velcro swaddle ... smh at these swaddle ninjas! IMG_4950 I usually prep the bottles like so each night so we have smooth and quick feedings in the middle of the night. These past few days instead of scooping the powder into bottles as well, I have only been doing the water in hopes that it will motivate me to get up and pump instead since I am trying to drop formula all together. I have gotten into a bad habit of just cosleeping and nursing in the bed so I dont have to pump... trying to drop that too because it KILLS my back! IMG_4951 I watched a little football and wound down my day while daddy worked on the laundry room!!! He had to take out the w/d and painted the room AND installed an AWESOME LED light fixture in it! (so i can see all the stains he says lol) The people that painted here before did an AWFUL job and have made our lives just that much harder! (I mean, i thought everyone knew you were supposed to take stuff down off the walls NOT paint over it!!! OMG) Nonetheless, he got it done and now we sleep and wait for new stuff on tuesday!!!!! IMG_4954 Hopefully we make it through a fussy-less pm because the last few evenings have been long for us. The Twincesses have been unusually fussy after their feeds. I am not sure if it is teething related (ran my fingers a few times on the gums and nothing from either! but doesnt mean the fun hasn't already begun) or if it is their 3 month growth spurt. Whatever it is, I hope we come out with a few more hours longer of a sleeping stretch than we went in with!

Thanks for reading and see y'all soon! :)