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Our THREE Month Day! (10/25/13)


It is officially 4:05 am and I am FINALLY getting to sit and prop my feet up (as I pump lol).   I CAN NOT believe that the Twincesses have already been around with us for THREE WHOLE months!!! Thats like 1/4 of a year! The days go by so quick, the weeks slow, and the time... well it flies! I have been wanting to do every day this week like mondays post, but I am still trying to get on a schedule/ routine that works with the new space and my daily demands. Here's a little breakdown of our friday :) Hope you enjoy (and again, lots of pix for the story :) )

Today we woke up at our usual time around 7:30-8 after an unusual night.   It was a rare occasion that we had a screamer last pm. Nadia decided she wanted to cry for almost an hour. (turns out, she just wanted some boobs lol) . We had a nursing session (laying down with mommy 1/2 asleep) and then had some "sissy chat time". After about 20 mins of that (while I made the bed(s) (crib counts as bed right?), brushed my teeth, got dressed, etc), we got dressed in the nursery for the first time ever! We had a wipey down and same morning dress and brush hair/nasal drops ritual. Then we had some tummy time! and after a small 1.5 oz bottle we were in the swings by 9:55 and asleep by about 10-10:15.


Nadia's face! IMG_4798

Lifting Up SOOOO WellIMG_4800


sorry, couldn't help myself! TWO adorable baby butts! lolIMG_4803

Those Arms Must Be Tasty!IMG_4802

After they went down for a nap, I start my chores of course! Make a cup of tea, walk the dogs, start the laundry, pump, finish making bed lol, unload dishwasher, get bottle soak started. Now usually I have until 2pm to get all this done, but thurs and today Nadia has decided to wake up at noon. Thurs (yest) was a headache bc we had a "2 baby" kind of day, where they each wake up and fly solo for that playtime (which I don't mind at all ONCE IN A WHILE). So as I finished the last of my tasks (the dishwasher is still waiting to be unloaded though), and was just about to pick something out of the garage to bring into the house and unpack, Nadi woke up.  Funny thing is she didn't care to eat. She just wanted to be up. Daddy came home around noon too, so we just hung out and danced and listed to music (when I say "Danced" I mean we sat on the sofa and made the girlies dance lol. only movement out of us was our hands moving their appendages hehehehe....). Miraya had waken up shortly after. We did a feeding and then they were back napping by 1:30 (they wanted to go back to sleep!)

Marley is the little one (Jack and Chihuahua) and Arwen Snow is the big one (Lab and Husky)IMG_4810


A Pan of The Living Room! (no boxes!!)


I FINALLY Took Down the HIDEOUS Curtains Left by the Previous Owner... Those Things Made Me Throw Up in my Mouth Everytime  Saw Them! IMG_4807

Made A Bagel W/ Strawberry Creamcheese   IMG_4811

I've Decided to Start Pumping in the Nursery... They say that listening to calm music and looking at photos of your baby help with your letdown and production while pumping... The nursery is BY FAR my most fave room in the house, my "happy place", so this is where you will find me milking myself the majority of the time now!IMG_4815

I "prepour" the bottles for the day so we just have to pop the cap and sip; The empty ones are for the BM i pumped the pm b4, so we can just  heat and eat from the fridge (those few seconds that I cut out by having to pour out and measure b4 heating save me a HUGE headache sometimes!) IMG_4817Big Girls! IMG_4818

Miraya being SO SWEET IMG_4825 IMG_4824

Nadia's Face!!! IMG_4823

Miraya's pouty face!IMG_4822

My Big Girl NadiIMG_4820

Miraya is ALWAYS mean mugging! IMG_4819

After the girls went down, Daddy went to work on some "manly stuff" lol and I took a nap. I woke around 4:30 and laid and nursed Miraya (i'm such a cheater.. i LOVE to lay and nurse so I can sleep with one eye open vs all the energy it takes sit and nurse..... still trying to figure out how to explain to my hubby how much energy it take to nurse and to forgive me for what I said when I was hungry!!! lol) Nadia woke at 5 which means I was back up on my feet! We ate (including me!), played a little, and then went out for a walk! It's getting chilly out and I am trying to figure out how to dress and babywear in the cold! Today we went with our outfits (onesies, leggings, socks) added some mitts and a hat... their poor little cheeks lol... I am thinking I will need to invest in a nice thick shawl! That Way I can wrap us all up and be warm and take it off if we get too hot! stay tuned for this one... Because they woke up earlier than normal they took a little nap in the wrap (lol) so they wouldnt be too fussy for bedtime.

Quick Snack for mommmy! IMG_4826

"Mommy, it looks ccccccold out!"IMG_4828

Again, note the form! They are a kissable distance away, and make an "M" with their knees and cute little butts! VERY IMPORTANT for their hip development and spines, etc!!!! I find they liked to be wrapped at the spot where they can use the milk nozzles as a pillow too. IMG_4827

BRRRRRR..... yet enjoyable :)IMG_4829It got too cold, so we came in and helped mommy steam the floors!!!IMG_4833

And by help, we mean sleep!


That GOOD sleep! IMG_4831

After we were done wearing, we had some hang time and listened to more music! (The house stays filled with music! During naptime we have some jack johnson radio or indian prayer chants playing and when they are awake some nursery rhymes or M.I.A. radio... something to fill the air!) We did a BIG bottle (about 3 oz) and a bedtime story and called it a day! Then the real fun began for me!!!

MirayaIMG_4835Miraya sitting in her boppy! (They don't like laying in them anymore!) IMG_4842

Nadia sitting like a big girl!IMG_4839 Nadia.... chillen!IMG_4838 Posted... such a G!IMG_4837

 A little naked baby time! IMG_4844 Chunky Monkey Nadia! :PIMG_4843

After the girls went down, we had dinner for the first time at our new dining table!!! and I unpacked most of the clothes and hung them in our closets! (Of course it was a pretty easy task since 3/4 of my stuff stay in their boxes since they DON'T fit me!!!! :( But now I have a relatively empty 1/2 of the closet and some extra motivation to do some sweating! not that I don't do enough calorie burning during the day lugging the laundry up and down the stairs! <w/d is in the basement!>)

QUICK AND EASY Enchiladas for dinner! IMG_4845 No matter where I put them in the crib, they are always ending up together like this! I put Miraya (solid swaddle) about 6 inches away from her sister when they went to bed..... SO SWEET!!!!

IMG_4846After unpacking and doing my best to consolidate the amount of FULL boxes we have in the spare bedroom, it was time to wind down the night!

A little nightcap convo with their Fairy Godmother!!!!

IMG_4847 IMG_4848

Hope this was enjoyable for you all! Still looking for that feedback so I know how to structure these posts to be most entertaining and informative for everyone!!!! Have a great weekend and be back with the next post monday!! Am making video shooting my priority this weekend so FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!