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Our Day Today


Hi all!!! I am SO glad that we are FINALLY getting settled in and establishing a good (functioning) routine! Today was SUPER busy, productive, and fun!!! I have included a "picture story" to go  with it for your entertainment (as well as to fulfill my promise of "lots of pictures" (including our nursery and organization) :) )  

7:30 am- Miraya (M) woke and nursed/ 8 am- Nadia (N) woke and nursed... I am still adjusting from a week of vacationing at "Granma and Granpa's" house, and a long weekend of football and relaxing, so we skipped our morning bath (and opted for a little "wipey down" instead. We lounged in our boppys and had our am lotion massage and clothes change for the day. Took a bottle around 9:15 and were napping by about 9:30 am!

1375773_420999001334706_570121940_n 994032_420999021334704_365627397_n

After the girls went down for a nap, I got started on my daily tasks... I got a load of laundry started. (it was a crazy laundry day since we were gone all last week at my parents house). Once the laundry was going, I put the dishes in the washer and got that started. Also, got the bottle soak started for the day. I use a "shoe box" tote box (I found mine at Big Lots for about $1-$2). I fill it with warm soapy water (and top off everytime I add more bottles to it) and rinse the bottles b4 I put them in the soak. I find this easier than soaking in the sink (bc i can take it out if i need the whole sink). At the end of the night I put 2 pots out to boil: 1 with lids, nipples, and rings, and the other with bottles.


After the loads were under way, I went to work on the nursery. (I FINALLY get to nest 3 months pp lol/smh!!!!) Throughout the day I was able to get about 95% of the room done. (I am just waiting on a few things from Amazon to arrive and we will be in business!) This is a pan of our room! The girls theme is based on "Jungle Jill" with a pastel shade of green and pink as their main colors. (mind you, I worked on this room throughout the day.... but was able to end the day with nothing on the floor and no excess clutter laying around!!! unlike how it started)



Our Reading "Nook"1391599_420999384668001_1554755515_n

The Diaper Changing Area 1390670_420999398001333_1391845855_n

I Put One of Those "Command" Hooks Up on The Side of The Changing Table for Easy Access Bibs (We LOVE to Drool Now!)1375787_420999571334649_1315460072_n

All The Blankies 1376333_420999548001318_1761165366_n

The Closet (still under construction)


All Their Clothes (Sorted By Size)


The  "spare" Crib (Nadia's Crib When They Start Sleeping In This Room; Miraya's Crib Will Be On The Other Side of  The Nightstand Where Our Rocker Currently Is) 1385690_420999431334663_1955730703_n

The Dresser/Window (obviously)


I Found This Little Organizer At The Dollar Store.. I Think it is PERFECT for Socks, Hairbows/Bands, and Lots of Other Things That Have No "Home" Yet1040215_420999501334656_1921972991_o

The Top Drawer (Washclothes, Towels, Socks, Misc)487541_420999518001321_214219053_n

Bottom Drawer (Shoes Will Be Placed in the Same Organizer as Socks; Keepsake Box for Girls)1394241_420999528001320_847763586_nAround 10:30ish, Miraya woke up. (I had a feeling she would because she did not drink her bottle before naptime) I was knee deep in nursery room stuff, so we got snuggley in our DIY stretchy (MOBY) wrap and went all in. (Keep an eye out in the "BABYWEARING" section for some more pix of us today, and pointers on how to wear with a stretchy)

Miraya Just Chillen


Getting Her Snack On! (Note the Extra Material Around Her Neck That Allow for Covering Her if I Was in Public and Wanted to Nurse Her!!!) 1393679_420999181334688_550082373_n

Nursing Miraya While Doing Some Housework!1390658_420999041334702_1058345233_n

The Covered Option (for Nursing In Public!)998318_420999061334700_2109032092_n

A Snap of Acceptable Form (Knees Above Bum, Kissable Distance Away from Me, Curved Spine)1377116_420999111334695_134296486_n

Miraya went back to sleep and I did some more stuff (like laundry... tried to do things that I could not do while babywearing, espec things that req bending down a lot). Both girls were up by 12. They ate and had playtime until about 2 and went back down for a nap after a small bottle (this time it was Nadia who decided she was going to skip out on it and wake up during the next naptime.)

We Played Footsies in Our Bumbos


Had Some Tummy Time! 1381990_420999298001343_2062025178_n 1380178_420999314668008_1685194866_n 1393507_420999341334672_2135177617_nBoth girls were down by 2. Time for lunch!!!

Sandwich, Kettle Cooked Chips, (Leftover Masala Chai), and Rootbeer (ya, ya, I Know It Shoulda Been A H2O!)1382246_420999364668003_184852552_nNadia woke up around 3:30 and took her bottle. She then played in her bouncer while I folded some clothes and changed our bed sheets. She went back down for a nap around 4:30 and woke up an hour later. Miraya and Nadia were both awake b4 6 and both took short 15 min naps b4 our 8pm bedtime (they cant make it awake past about 2-2 1/2 hours without getting super cranky or just falling asleep on their own).  After they woke and ate, they played on their tummy time mats (on their backs) while I made the final touches to cleaning/setting up their room! After Daddy came home from work, he played with them and fed them (they cluster feed from 6-8) while I made some veggie burgers for dinner! By 7:30 pm we were in the bedroom getting our pm lotion massage and into our jammies! After a bedtime story (today we read "The Ant and the Grasshopper" out of our Disney Story Book), they each took 1.5 oz bottles and went to sleep.

After asleep, I wound the kitchen down and put the bottles to boil. I do the soak and boil in the kitchen, but use the girls (spare) bathroom to do all the drying. I found that I do ALOT to go out of my way to keep the girls stuff separate from the regular washing in the kitchen, OCD maybe?? (I just so happened to drop the WHOLE container of nipples, lids, and rings so NO this is NOT my daily load lol) I folded the last bit of laundry left for the day and pumped for the last time. (Dreading going back to middle of the night pumping!)


Oh yes, and there was SOMEHOW time (more like DESIRE) to bake some cookies to wrap up the day!! (Don't worry, the dough was already ready. Those pull apart and bake cookies! FYI) There were a dozen... wonder where the 2 that are missing went lol


Hope you all enjoyed our days activities and that you had a good day! I look forward to having you back to the site soon!!!!