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Finally, moving time is upon us....


OMG, finally after 2 LONG months of headaches, stress, and sleepless nights we are FINALLY CLOSING on our house today!!!!! Thank you to Grandma and PriyaMasi for all the help the last few days (and days to come) and allowing mommy get rested by helping with the girls, to Fairy Godmother for helping mommy keep her sanity today (sorry I kept u from your nap), and to Daddy Shah for taking care of us today by filling our bellies. A BIG thanks to my husband for sticking through all the stress and still being the best husband and father through it all..... I am SO excited and ready to start this new chapter in our lives and finally enjoy all the joys that parenthood and being a family have to offer!!! Nadia and Miraya, we love you soooooooo much and thank you for choosing us to be your family and trusting us..... You are our world and this is all for you two Now, may the chaos of moving and unpacking begin.....