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What a day, what a day....


Today has to have been the longest day I've had in a while! (So long in fact, the day called for a redbull :/). Trying to catch a few minutes off my feet (as the laundry dries) without being tempted to call it quits. We close (finally) on our house Tuesday, so it's been crazy trying to finish last minute packing on top of mommy and wife duties. Just wanted to check in to inform the masses that one of my first priorities for my site is to post my babywearing videos! I have gotten several requests and I can't think of a better first project than helping more mommies (especially of multiples) have some free hands-maybe even car space with no stroller- to be able to clear of the plate full of mommy duties!!! Be sure to like my Facebook page: Twinmommy101! It is still under construction as well, but at least You will able to get updates!

Looking forward to sharing my experiences on moving with twins!!! I'm sure they will come in handy for SOMEBODY out there ;)